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Adrenaline MMA (formerly part of M-1 Global) is a Mixed martial arts organization created in October 2007.

History Edit


In October 2007, Sibling Entertainment Group, a producer of theater and other entertainment, announced that its newly created subsidiary, Sibling Sports LLC, was purchasing M-1 Mixfight, a Russian-based mixed martial arts promotion owned by Vadim Finkelstein. The new venture was named M-1 Global. Along with the purchase, Fedor Emelianenko, the last PRIDE Heavyweight Champion and a free agent managed by Finkelstein, was to sign with the new organization. Monte Cox, an established promoter and manager who has managed fighters like UFC champions Tim Sylvia, Matt Hughes and Rich Franklin and promoted around 500 cards, was appointed its first president. Finkelstein, however, continued his M-1 operations in Russia, running the M-1 Mixfight website independently of Sibling and Cox and promoting his own events under the M-1 banner.

Although the organization had yet to hold its first card, its first co-promotion effort was Yarennoka! held in Saitama, Japan on New Years Eve, 2007. Yarennoka! was held by former executives of PRIDE Fighting Championships, with M-1 Global billed as a co-promoter. Fedor Emelianenko appeared on the card, defeating Hong-Man Choi via Armbar in the first round.

On April 19, 2008, Monte Cox confirmed that Finkelstein had split from M-1 Global. Cox also revealed that Emelianenko never actually did consummate an agreement with M-1 Global, and that Emelianenko would become a free agent again. Finkelstein would resume his operations with M-1 Mixfight, while the Sibling subsidiary headed by Cox would be known as Adrenaline..


Date Event Location Venue Attendance
12/31/2007 Yarennoka! Saitama, Japan Saitama Super Arena
06/14/2008 Jason Guida[1] Hoffman Estates Illinois, United States Sears Centre

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