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Aleksander Emelianenko (born August 2, 1981) is a Russian mixed martial arts fighter. He is a two-time Russian national SAMBO champion, and two-time world SAMBO champion in the absolute divisions. He is the brother of Fedor Emelianenko.

Biography Edit

Aleksander was born in the Russian SFSR in a family of a teacher, Olga Feodorovna Emelianenko, and a welder, Vladimir Aleksandrovich Emelianenko. Aleksander is the third child in the family and has an older sister, Marina, an older brother, Fedor, and a younger brother, Ivan (born 1988). Fedor is the reigning WAMMA heavyweight champion , while Ivan is currently in training.

Aleksander started martial arts training at a very early age: his older brother, Fedor, often had to babysit him, and since Fedor didn't want to miss his Sambo practice, he took young Aleksander with him. At first Aleksander only observed the older kids, but soon he started mimicking their movements and doing pull-ups and push-ups. Aleksander started his formal Sambo training when he joined elementary school, but by that time his peers were already no match for him. Aleksander trained with his childhood Sambo coach, Vladimir Mihailovich Voronov, and his brother Fedor, until June 2006.camp_change

During his stay with Pride Fighting Championships, Aleksander fought some of the worlds best fighters, including Josh Barnett, Sergei Kharitonov, James Thompson and Mirko Filipovic. After the fall of Pride, Aleksander would fight BJJ world champion Fabricio Werdum and would lose by an arm-triangle choke of the first round. In an interview with SherDog, Emelianenko stated that he didn't train at all for the Werdum fight, and he would like a rematch with him, along with Josh Barnett and Mirko Filipovic.[1]

In an interview, his brother Fedor confirmed that Aleksander had spent time in a prison for robbery. Aleksander was sentenced to 5 years but was released after 3.5 years.[2]

After the 2008 South Ossetia Conflict he came to South Ossetia to practice in sign of solidarity with comrades the Ossetian people.[3]

There is speculation that his MMA career in North America has stalled due to work permit problems resulting from his inability to pass the medical licensing requirements.[4]. However he has remained active in both MMA and boxing competition in Russia. Aleksander is now set to face former superheavyweight olympic wrestler Eddy Bengtsson for the Russian based ProFC organization in April 2010 [5].

Personal lifeEdit

Aleksander married his wife, Olga, on September 4, 2004. The couple resides in Saint Petersburg and have a daughter, Olya, who was born in September 2007.[6] The couple also has another daughter who was born in 2009.[7]

Aleksander has an older daughter named Ksyusha from a previous relationship. [8]

Emelianenko has claimed that he killed a bear by trapping its head with a fork-like staff and stabbing it in the heart with a knife. This is a traditional, but not common, way of Russian bear hunting.[6]

Aleksander's tattoos are a constant source of questions from his fans and journalists. Aleksander explained their meaning in his interview on Fedor’s official website.interview


  • Right arm: Cathedral with five domes: symbolizes five years of imprisonment.
  • Shoulders: Stars: Symbolize a "career criminal" or Vor v Zakone in Russian (English translation: thief in law).
    • Shoulders: More recently he has covered up the Stars with Clouds.
  • Left shoulder: cobweb: Aleksander did not explain its meaning other than saying that contrary to what has been suggested by some, it does not have anything to do with the Mafiya. In Russian prisons, tattoos using this symbol typically denote drug addiction or robbery.
  • Chest: The Battle of Kulikovo.
  • Left shoulder: Russian script.
  • Left forearm: Half cat’s head, half skull: “Homo homini lupus est.” Translated: Man is a wolf to his fellow-man.
  • Back: Grim Reaper holding a baby.
  • Back: "Gott Mit Uns", meaning “God is with us” in German: for Aleksander, it’s a symbol of revival. This tattoo caused a controversy, since this slogan was written on belt buckles of German soldiers in the Third Reich. For many Russian prisoners the phrase means you are totally opposed to the soviet penal system.Template:Citation needed This phrase was very popular among prisoners during the 60's and 70's.Template:Citation needed
  • Knees: Stars: symbolize that the owner will never be brought to his knees. These tattoos also stirred up controversy, after a picture published on his website revealed a swastika in the middle.[9]
  • Pirate tattoo: stands for article 167 of Russian Criminal Code: “armed robbery”.
  • “Fortis fortuna adiuvat” Translated: Fortune favors the bold.
  • A name on his lower abs ('Marina'). Later covered by a tribal tattoo.
  • A spider web on scalp.

MMA record Edit

Template:Rh colspan=2 | Total Template:Rh colspan=1 | 15 Wins Template:Rh colspan=1 | 3 Losses
18 matches Template:Rh | (T)Knockout 9 1
Template:Rh | Submission 4 2
Template:Rh | Decision 2 0
Template:Rh | Draw 0
Template:Rh | No Contest 0
Record Result Opponent Method Event Date Round Time Location
15-3 Sweden flag Eddy Bengtsson ProFC 2010-04-23 Russia flag Moscow, Russia
15-3 Win Russia flag Ibragim Magomedov TKO (Cut) ProFC - Russia vs. Europe 2009-03-29 1 0:51 Russia flag Rostov-on-Don, Russia
14-3 Win South Korea flag Sang Soo Lee KO M-1 Challenge 9 2008-11-21 1 2:40 Russia flag St. Petersburg, Russia
13-3 Win Brazil flag Silvão Santos TKO (Punches) M-1 Challenge 2008-04-03 1 2:10 Russia flag St. Petersburg, Russia
12-3 Win United States flag Dan Bobish Submission (Guillotine Choke) Hardcore Championship Fighting: Title Wave 2007-10-19 1 1:09 Canada flag Calgary, Alberta, Canada
11-3 Win Netherlands flag Jessie Gibbs Submission (Kimura) M-1 MFC: Russia vs. Europe 2007-07-21 1 1:13 Russia flag St. Petersburg, Russia
10-3 Win United States flag Eric Pele KO BodogFight 2 2007-04-14 1 4:07 Russia flag St. Petersburg, Russia
9-3 Loss Brazil flag Fabricio Werdum Submission (Arm Triangle Choke) 2H2H-Pride & Honor 2006-11-12 1 3:24 Netherlands flag Rotterdam, Netherlands
9-2 Win Russia flag Sergei Kharitonov TKO (Knee and Punches) PRIDE Final Conflict Absolute 2006-09-10 1 6:45 Japan flag Saitama, Japan
8-2 Loss United States flag Josh Barnett Submission (Americana) PRIDE Total Elimination Absolute 2006-05-05 2 1:57 Japan flag Osaka, Japan
8-1 Win Poland flag Pawel Nastula Submission (Rear Naked Choke) PRIDE Shockwave 2005 2005-12-31 1 8:45 Japan flag Saitama, Japan
7-1 Win Netherlands flag Rene Rooze KO Bushido Rotterdam Rumble 2005-10-09 1 0:28 Netherlands flag Rotterdam, Netherlands
6-1 Win Brazil flag Ricardo Morais KO PRIDE Bushido 6 2005-04-03 1 0:15 Japan flag Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan
5-1 Win England flag James Thompson KO PRIDE 28 2004-10-31 1 0:11 Japan flag Saitama, Japan
4-1 Win Brazil flag Carlos Barreto Decision M-1 MFC Middleweight GP 2004-10-09 3 5:00 Russia flag St. Petersburg, Russia
3-1 Loss Croatia flag Mirko Filipović KO (Head Kick) PRIDE Final Conflict 2004 2004-08-15 1 2:09 Japan flag Saitama, Japan
3-0 Win Australia flag Matt Foki Submission (Rear Naked Choke) PRIDE Bushido 3 2004-05-23 1 3:16 Japan flag Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan
2-0 Win Brazil flag Angelo Araujo TKO (Cut) Inoki Bom-Ba-Ye 2003 Inoki Festival 2003-12-31 2 4:28 Japan flag Kobe, Japan
1-0 Win Brazil flag Assuerio Silva Decision (Split) Pride Bushido 1 2003-10-05 2 5:00 Japan flag Saitama, Japan


Emelianenko fought his first professional boxing match on October 3, 2009, in Moscow where he fought to a majority decision draw over 4 rounds against Russian Khizir Pliev.[10]


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