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The Art of War Fighting Championship (Art of War or AOW for short) is a mixed martial arts organization based in Beijing, China. Art of War FC has no relation to the US promotion bearing the same name. Art of War I was held at the Beijing, China on November 6, 2005. The inaugural event made it the first professional mixed martial arts contest in the People's Republic of China. To date, AOW has held 9 events in mainland China. Its largest event was Art of War III, held at the Xi'an Communications University on March 25, 2006 to an audience of over 4,000 fans.

The Art of War Fighting Championship has featured some of China's top mixed martial arts athletes, including IKF World Champion and 2002 King of Sanda champion, Bao Li Gao; 1996 Chinese Olympian and China national judo champion, Ao Te Gen Ba Tar; and 2004 Chinese Olympian and China national greco-roman wrestling champion, Sai Yin Ji Ya. In addition, Art of War FC has featured some of the world's top fighters including WKN European Muay Thai champion Filippo Cinti of Italy, DEEP veteran Jeong Ho Lee of Korea, and Japanese Karate and Jiu-jitsu expert, Setsuma Takeda.

Art of War is the first mixed martial arts organization to be broadcasted by CCTV-5, China's largest sports broadcasting platform with over 1 billion audience coverage in China and internationally. Art of War IV, broadcasted on December 29, 2006 set a record as the single largest mixed martial arts tournament broadcast in the world.

In March 2008, Art of War Fighting Championship signed a China nationwide broadcasting agreement which will bring the tournament into the homes of over 200 million viewers around the country on a weekly basis, including regions of Hong Kong, Macau, Australia and New Zealand.

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