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Booyaa Fight Wear is a division of the Booyaa Clothing Company, and a sponser of King of the Cage, as well as several fighters for that promotion.

History Edit

Booyaa Fight Wear was founded by Michael Romero in 1998. Booyaa has a large cult following within the MMA community. Despite Zuffa's ban on Booyaa products for sponsoring fighters at rival events, Booyaa continues to strive on building high quality merchandise and sponsoring many fights at various championships.

Zuffa Edit

In 2008 Booyaa Fight Wear was banned by Zuffa from sponsering fighters that compete in either the WEC or UFC. The apparent reason behind the banning was Booyaa's ties to King of the Cage who is perceived as a competitor of the Zuffa-owned WEC.[1]

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Notes and references Edit

  1. "Add another name to Zuffa's banned list", retrieved from, URL accessed March 24, 2010

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