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Cage Fury Fighting Championships (CFFC) was an American Mixed martial arts (MMA) promotion. Founded by Felix & Amy Martinez, the promotion promoted in Atlantic City, NJ, having just held five events, last minute cancellation of its sixth event, and second pay-per-view resulted in its demise. CFFC featured many Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) veterans, including fight commentator Dan Severn, as well as appearances by Evan Tanner, Kimbo Slice, Frank Shamrock, and Homer Moore. Its current Heavyweight champion, Carmelo Marrero, currently appears in the UFC.

Current championsEdit

Weight Class Champion
Bantamweight Clint Godfrey
Lightweight Jim Miller
Welterweight Nick Serra
Middleweight Dan Miller
Light Heavyweight Josh Rhodes
Heavyweight Carmelo Marrero

Shelby Walker Heart of a Lion AwardEdit

CFFC employed former MMA fighter Shelby Walker as their post-fight interviewer at CFFC I. Walker was to perform the duties again at CFFC II prior to her death September 24, 2006. In her honor, CFFC created the Shelby Walker Heart of a Lion Award, to be awarded to the fighter that showed the most heart at each event. Al Buck received the award at CFFC II for surviving a long Rear Naked Choke attempt by Malachy Friedman on route to a TKO victory.

Cage Fury Fighting Championships II Al Buck
Cage Fury Fighting Championships III Alexis Aquino

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