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Clayton Charles Guida (born December 8, 1981 in Round Lake, Illinois) is a professional mixed martial arts fighter and currently fighting in the UFC as a lightweight. Guida was the first Strikeforce Lightweight Champion and held the title until being defeated by Gilbert Melendez at Strikeforce: Revenge. Clay's older brother Jason Guida also competes in mixed martial arts.


Clay burst on to the mainstream MMA scene in late 2006 with a submission victory over Justin James at UFC 64.

Up until that point, Guida had been working as a carpenter while training and fighting in his spare time, compiling a professional record of 25-11. In spite of "The Carpenter" being his nickname, carpentry was not his only profession, as he also spent time in Alaska on a crab fishing vessel; however, he always harbored an intense interest in MMA.

Clay found his passion for combat sports through wrestling in high school. He carried his interest on to William Rainey Harper College in Palatine, Illinois and though he was not as decorated as some of his colleagues, he helped his team to claim a national title.

Guida currently trains at Midwest Training Center MMA in Schaumburg, Illinois and Greg Jackson's Mixed Martial Arts Academy in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Ultimate Fighting ChampionshipEdit

Guida is renowned for his relentless pressure and unending stamina. [1] He garnered attention for his three-round split decision loss to Tyson Griffin at UFC 72.

In Guida's next fight, he defeated Marcus Aurelio at UFC 74 by decision.

Guida was defeated by Roger Huerta at The Ultimate Fighter 6 Finale via rear naked choke in the 3rd round in a closely contested fight. It was believed that going into the third round, Guida was leading on the scorecards having hurt Huerta with a right hand in the second round and getting the better of the takedowns. Following an intense staredown between rounds, Huerta came out with vigour anew and hurt Guida with knees in the clinch, stunning Guida and setting up a submission for a dramatic finish to the fight.

Guida's recent bouts include UFC - Fight Night 13 where Guida defeated Samy Schiavo via TKO at 4:15 of round 1.

In a bout at UFC - Fight Night 15, he defeated Mac Danzig via unanimous decision.

Guida defeated Nate Diaz via split decision at UFC 94: Georges St-Pierre vs. BJ Penn 2.

His next fight was against Diego Sanchez, at the The Ultimate Fighter 9 finale which he lost by split-decision. The fight had a frantic pace in which Guida weathered a ferocious striking offensive from Sanchez, with a seemingly endless barrage of punches and a brutal headkick which dropped Guida in the first round. This fight went on to win "Fight of the Night" honours. The fight would later make #13 on the "100 Greatest UFC fights" list.

Despite his status as an up-and-coming UFC fighter he was not included in the UFC 2009 Undisputed video game due to technical issues caused by his long hair. He was even offered $10,000[2] by Dana White to cut it, but he refused.

On December 12, 2009 he fought Kenny Florian at UFC 107. In the second round, after being dropped with a hard right hand, Guida would lose the fight by submission (rear naked choke).

Guida was expected to face Sean Sherk on March 21, 2010 at UFC LIVE: Vera vs. Jones,[3] but Sherk was forced off the card with an injury. Shannon Gugerty stepped up to become Guida's new opponent on the preliminary section of the event.[4]. At UFC LIVE: Vera vs. Jones Guida had defeated Shannon Gugerty at 3:40 of round 2 by way of arm-triangle choke, ending Guida's two fight losing streak along with winning his first UFC Submission Of The Night award.

Championships and accomplishmentsEdit

Ultimate Fighting Championship

3x Fight of the Night Honors
1x Submission of the Night Honors

Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Fight of the Year (2009) vs. Diego Sanchez on June 20th


First Strikeforce Lightweight Champion

Mixed martial arts recordEdit

Result Record Opponent Method Event Date Round Time Location Notes
Win 26-11 United States flag Shannon Gugerty Submission (Arm Triangle Choke) UFC Live: Vera vs. Jones 2010-03-21 2 3:40 United States flag Broomfield, Colorado, US Won Submission of the Night Honors
Loss 25-11 United States flag Kenny Florian Submission (Rear Naked Choke) UFC 107: Penn vs. Sanchez 2009-12-12 2 2:19 United States flag Memphis, Tennessee, US
Loss 25-10 United States flag Diego Sanchez Decision (Split) The Ultimate Fighter: US vs. UK Finale 2009-06-20 3 5:00 United States flag Las Vegas, Nevada, US Won Fight of the Night Honors
Win 25–9 United States flag Nate Diaz Decision (Split) UFC 94: St-Pierre vs. Penn 2 2009-01-31 3 5:00 United States flag Las Vegas, Nevada, US Won Fight of the Night Honors
Win 24–9 United States flag Mac Danzig Decision (Unanimous) UFC Fight Night: Diaz vs Neer 2008-09-17 3 5:00 United States flag Omaha, Nebraska, US
Win 23–9 France flag Samy Schiavo TKO (Strikes) UFC Fight Night: Florian vs Lauzon 2008-04-02 1 4:15 United States flag Broomfield, Colorado, US
Loss 22–9 United States flag Roger Huerta Submission (Rear Naked Choke) The Ultimate Fighter 6 Finale 2007-12-08 3 0:51 United States flag Las Vegas, Nevada, US
Win 22–8 Brazil flag Marcus Aurelio Decision (Split) UFC 74: Respect 2007-08-25 3 5:00 United States flag Las Vegas, Nevada, US
Loss 21–8 United States flag Tyson Griffin Decision (Split) UFC 72: Victory 2007-06-16 3 5:00 United Kingdom flag Belfast, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom Won Fight of the Night Honors
Loss 21–7 United States flag Din Thomas Decision (Unanimous) UFC Fight Night: Evans vs Salmon 2007-01-25 3 5:00 United States flag Hollywood, Florida, US
Win 21–6 United States flag Justin James Submission (Rear Naked Choke) UFC 64: Unstoppable 2006-10-14 2 4:42 United States flag Las Vegas, Nevada, US
Win 20–6 United States flag Joe Martin Decision (Unanimous) WEC 23: Hot August Fights 2006-08-17 3 5:00 United States flag Lemoore, California, US
Loss 19–6 Japan flag Yusuke Endo Submission (Armbar) Shooto 2006 – 7/21 in Korakuen Hall 2006-07-21 1 2:47 Japan flag Tokyo, Japan
Loss 19–5 United States flag Gilbert Melendez Decision (Split) Strikeforce: Revenge 2006-06-09 5 5:00 United States flag San Jose, California, US Lost Strikeforce Lightweight World Championship
Win 19–4 United States flag Josh Thomson Decision (Unanimous) Strikeforce: Shamrock vs. Gracie 2006-03-10 5 5:00 United States flag San Jose, California, US Won Strikeforce Lightweight World Championship
Loss 18–4 United States flag Tristan Yunker Submission (Rear Naked Choke) KOTC – Redemption on the River 2006-02-17 1 1:17 United States flag San Jose, California, US
Win 18–3 United States flag Joe Jordan Decision (Unanimous) XFO 8 – Xtreme Fighting Organization 8 2005-12-10 3 5:00 United States flag Moline, Illinois, US
Win 17–3 United States flag Jeff Carsten TKO (Injury) IHC 9 – Purgatory 2005-11-19 1 3:01 United States flag Hammond, Indiana, US
Win 16–3 United States flag Dave Cochran Submission (Rear Naked Choke) KOTC – Xtreme Edge 2005-09-17 1 2:26 United States flag Indianapolis, Indiana, US
Win 15–3 United States flag John Strawn Submission (Choke) XFO 7 – Xtreme Fighting Organization 7 2005-08-27 2 3:12 United States flag Island Lake, Illinois, US
Win 14–3 United States flag Jay Estrada Submission (Rear Naked Choke) Combat – Do Fighting Challenge 4 2005-08-13 1 N/A United States flag Illinois, US
Win 13–3 Poland flag Bart Palaszewski Decision (Unanimous) XFO 6 – Judgement Day 2005-06-25 3 5:00 United States flag Lakemoor, Illinois, US
Win 12–3 United States flag Alonzo Martinez Submission (Choke) XKK – Des Moines 2005-05-20 3 N/A United States flag Des Moines, Iowa, US
Win 11–3 United States flag Chris Mickle Decision XKK – Des Moines 2005-05-20 3 5:00 United States flag Des Moines, Iowa, US
Win 10–3 United States flag Alex Carter Submission Combat – Do Fighting Challenge 3 2005-05-14 1 2:54 United States flag Illinois, US
Win 9–3 United States flag Brandon Adamson Submission (Rear Naked Choke) XFO 5 – Xtreme Fighting Organization 5 2005-03-19 1 3:02 United States flag Lakemoor, Illinois, US
Win 8–3 United States flag Billy Guardiola[5] Submission (Ankle Lock) Combat – Do Fighting Challenge 2 2005-02-05 N/A N/A United States flag Illinois, US
Win 7–3 United States flag Dennis Davis KO MMA Mexico – Day 2 2004-12-18 1 N/A Mexico flag Ciudad Juárez, Mexico
Win 6–3 United States flag Vito Woods Submission (Guillotine Choke) XFO 4 – Xtreme Fighting Organization 4 2004-12-03 2 1:19 United States flag McHenry, Illinois, US
Win 5–3 United States flag Randy Hauer TKO EC 60 – Extreme Challenge 60 2004-11-12 1 2:25 United States flag Medina, Minnesota, US
Win 4–3 United States flag Billy Guardiola Submission (Ankle Lock) Combat – Do Fighting Challenge 1 2004-10-23 1 N/A United States flag Cicero, Illinois, US
Loss 3–3 United States flag Gabe Lemley Submission (Armbar) XFO 2 – New Blood 2004-06-26 2 0:33 United States flag Fontana, Wisconsin, US
Win 3–2 United States flag Jed Deno Submission (Choke) UCS 2 – Battle at the Barn 2004-05-01 1 3:35 United States flag Rochester, Minnesota, US
Win 2–2 United States flag Shawn Nolan N/A XKK – Clash in Curtiss 5 2004-04-03 N/A N/A United States flag Curtiss, Wisconsin, US
Loss 1–2 United States flag Dan Duke N/A XKK – Clash in Curtiss 5 2004-04-03 N/A N/A United States flag Curtiss, Wisconsin, US
Win 1–1 United States flag Adam Bass Submission (Rear Naked Choke) XFO 1 – The Kickoff 2004-03-14 1 N/A United States flag Lake Geneva, Illinois, US
Loss 0–1 United States flag Adam Copenhaver Submission (Choke) SC 17 – Silverback Classic 17 2003-07-26 1 N/A United States flag Ottawa, Illinois, US

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