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Corey Lautischer (born April 7th, 1985 in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada) is a professional Canadian mixed martial arts fighter (MMA). He is currently fighting in the Edmonton area MMA organizations

Biography Edit

Corey has been involved in the martial arts since his childhood. Continuing his love of the martial art after completing school in Beaumont, Alberta, Canada. Corey teaches Ketto Ryu Jujutsu out of Edmonton[1]. Prior to making the switch to MMA Corey competed and won the 2007 and 2008 submissions series in Edmonton. He trains as a professional Mix Martial Artist at the Hayabusa training center and holds a rank of black belt in Japanese JuJutsu under Fourth Degree Black belt instructor Trevor Tessier.[2]

Mixed martial artsEdit

Lautischer made his MMA debut against Thomas Ros at Extreme Care Wars 29: Firestorm: 2009. Lautischer came out victorious winning via submission. Lautischer went on to lose his next fight at the hands of Marc Beausoleil via TKO. Lautischer steped in for an injured Matt Knysh to fight the well known Robin Black. Robin Black gained some exposure as a musician/actor turned MMA fighter on MuchMusic show “Robin Black: Cage Fighter.”[3] Lautischer as the underdog, rebounded from his first career loss, in an impressive first round submission victory over Robin Black. Lautischer has not yet found a new opponent.

Mixed martial arts recordEdit


Opponent Event Result Record
Thomas Johnny Bernard Ross XCW 29[2], Firestorm Victory, Round Two via Rear Naked 1-0
Marc Beausoleil[3] TFC 7.5[4], The Fight Club Defeat, Round 1 via TKO 1-1
Robin Black[5] AMMA 1[6] , First Blood Victory, Round 1 via Guillotine Choke 2-1

Other Records

BJJ No Gi Pro Boxing
3-5-2 28-11-7 0-1


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