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Daijiro Matsui (born December 5, 1972 in Okayama, Japan) is a professional Japanese mixed martial arts fighter.


Matsui made his mark in MMA mostly in PRIDE Fighting Championships, where he had a number of entertaining matches and respectable efforts, but few wins. Matsui's most well known victory came when he defeated Jose "Pele" Landi-Jons by majority decision in an incredible come from behind victory. "Pele" knocked down Matsui, and it appeared that Matsui was unconscious, however Matsui was able to rally back and gain a decision victory. Matsui is known for his unorthodox striking when in a tight situations, a good example being the shoulder strike from the guard. Since 2004 he fought in smaller promotions, including Cage Rage and Pancrase, and has found somewhat better success in these smaller arenas.

He trained under Nobuhiko Takada. Matsui has recently left the Takada Dojo with longtime training partner Kazushi Sakuraba.

Mixed martial arts recordEdit

Result Record Opponent Method Rd. Time Date Event Notes
Win 10-18-4Japan flag Young Choi Decision (split) 35:00 2008-02-22 DEEP - 34 Impact
Loss 9-18-4Japan flag Carlos Toyota TKO (Punches) 22:22 2007-12-09 DEEP - clubDEEP Kanazawa
Loss 9-17-4England flag Mark Weir Decision (unanimous) 35:00 2007-04-21 Cage Rage 21: Judgement Day
Win 9-16-4England flag Tom Watson Submission (armbar) 10:59 2007-02-10 Cage Rage 20: Born 2 Fight
Loss 8-16-4Brazil flag Flavio Luiz Moura Decision (unanimous) 35:00 2006-10-10 DEEP: 26th Impact
Loss 8-15-4Japan flag Yuki Kondo Decision (unanimous) 35:00 2006-08-27 Pancrase: Blow 6
Loss 8-14-4England flag Pierre Guillet TKO (cut) 24:08 2006-07-01 Cage Rage 17: Ultimate Challenge
Win 8-13-4United States flag Curtis Stout Decision (majority) 35:00 2006-02-04 Cage Rage 15: Adrenaline Rush
Draw 7-13-4England flag Alex Reid Draw 35:00 2005-12-03 Cage Rage 14: Punishment
Win 7-13-3Japan flag Daisuke Watanabe TKO (cut) 25:00 2005-08-27 Pancrase: 2005 Neo-Blood Tournament Finals
Draw 6-13-3Australia flag Elvis Sinosic Draw 25:00 2005-07-10 Pancrase: Spiral 5
Loss 6-13-2United States flag Brian Foster KO (knee) 12:28 2005-01-23 Shoot Boxing: Ground Zero Fukuoka
Loss 6-12-2Brazil flag Paulo Filho Decision (unanimous) 35:00 2004-06-27 Gladiator Fighting Championships: Day 2
Loss 6-11-2Japan flag Ryo Chonan Decision (majority) 35:00 2004-01-22 DEEP: 13th Impact
Win 6-10-2Japan flag Kazuki Okubo Decision (unanimous) 35:00 2002-12-23 PRIDE 24: Cold Fury 3
Win 5-10-2United States flag Rory Singer Decision (unanimous) 25:00 2002-10-20 PRIDE The Best Vol.3
Loss 4-10-2Netherlands flag Jerrel Venetiaan Decision (split) 35:00 2002-08-28 PRIDE Shockwave
Loss 4-9-2Brazil flag Rodrigo Gracie Submission (guillotine choke) 30:28 2002-02-24 PRIDE 19: Bad Blood
Win 4-8-2United States flag Quinton Jackson Disqualification (knee to groin) 10:14 2001-12-23 PRIDE 18: Cold Fury 2
Loss 3-8-2Brazil flag Murilo Rua TKO (strikes) 30:51 2001-09-24 PRIDE 16: Beasts from the East
Loss 3-7-2Brazil flag Ebenezer Fontes Braga Decision 35:00 2001-07-29 PRIDE 15: Raging Rumble
Win 3-6-2Brazil flag Jose Landi-Jons Decision 35:00 2001-05-27 PRIDE 14: Clash of the Titans
Win 2-6-2United States flag Rick Kerns Decision 25:00 2001-04-29 KOTC 8: Bombs Away
Loss 1-6-2United States flag Amir Rahnavardi Decision 35:00 2000-09-16 KOTC 5: Cage Wars
Loss 1-5-2Brazil flag Vitor Belfort Decision 210:00 2000-08-27 PRIDE 10: Return of the Warriors
Loss 1-4-2United States flag Todd Medina Decision 25:00 2000-06-24 KOTC 4: Gladiators
Loss 1-3-2Ukraine flag Igor Vovchanchyn TKO (cut) 15:03 2000-06-04 PRIDE 9: New Blood
Loss 1-2-2Brazil flag Wanderlei Silva Decision 210:00 1999-11-21 PRIDE 8
Win 1-1-2Netherlands flag Bob Schrijber Disqualification 110:00 1999-09-12 PRIDE 7
Loss 0-1-2Canada flag Carlos Newton Decision 35:00 1999-07-04 PRIDE 6
Draw 0-0-2Japan flag Sanae Kikuta Draw 310:00 1998-10-11 PRIDE 4
Draw 0-0-1Japan flag Akira Shoji Draw 410:00 1998-06-24 PRIDE 3

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