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Darren Jackson (born in Orsett, Essex, UK is a British mixed martial arts fighter.[1] Amongst his fights were two appearances in UK Mixed Martial Arts Championships (UKMMAC). He is one of the head coaches at Valhalla Combat in Sittingbourne, and has been featured in Fighters Magazine.[2][2]


Jackson fought in bare-knuckle and unlicensed boxing matches and was undefefted,[3] before becoming involved in mixed martial arts, which he saw as a progression from the "unstructured" combat which he used to engage in.[4] Jackson has argued that mixed martial arts provide a safer alternative to boxing, due to the reduced reliance on hits to the head and the greater emphasis on wrestling.[5]

Professionally, Jackson has fought in two events promoted by the UKMMA Championships. In his first fight, at UKMMAC 6, he won the silver medal, losing to Fabrice Degund the French kick boxing champion and cracking his own elbow in the process.[4] In his second fight, at UKMMAC 8, he was defeated by Dennis Kelly, Kelly had 14 fights to Jackson's 2, but Jackson still took the fight,[6][7] In March, 2005, Jackson fought on the undercard of the International Kickboxing Federation world title bout between Mark Epstein and Alan Fenandes, losing to Geoff Dabbs in the 81 kg International Rules division after taking the fight in short notice.[8]

Martial arts trainingEdit

Along with Phil Brown, Jackson is one of the head coaches at Valhalla Combat in Sittingbourne, where they teach a mixture of boxing, jujitsu, Muay Thai and wrestling.[2][4] Phil Brown and Jackson were amongst a handful of students that trained with Steve Morris in Horsham and were taught the Morris method. Jackson has also coached some fighters, such as Ian Bloy.[9]

Fight records Edit

Professional mixed martial artsEdit

Result Record Opponent Method Event Date Round Time Location Notes
Loss 0-2 Dennis Kelly[7] Submission (armbar) UKMMAC 8 - Unnatural Force 22 August 2004 1 1:43 Essex, England
Loss 0-1 Fabrice Degund[7] Submission (armbar) UKMMAC 6 - Extreme Warriors 29 February 2004 1 1:23 Essex, England

Mixed martial artsEdit

Date Outcome Opponent Method Event Round, time
10 October 2004 Win Charlie Kane Submission VH Extreme Brawl 8
20 February 2005 Loss Vinny Thompson TKO UK Fight Night 1, :59
12 June 2005 Loss Simion Lees KO (Knee) Valhalla Extreme Brawl 9 1
16 July 2003 Win Thommy Baker Submission (Kimura) Valhalla Ground & Pound 2, 2:07
1 October 2003 Win Phil West Submission (Guillotine Choke) Valhalla trials 1, :36
26 November 2005 Loss Ronnie Davis Submission (Armbar) Strike Force 4 1, 2:00
24 June 2004 Loss Peter Jonson Submission (Triangle Choke) Last man standing 1, :44
25 January 2004 Loss Jonny Smith Submission (Choke) Cage fighter 2, 4:35
21 April 2004 Win Andy Simpson KO (Spinning Back Fist) Valhalla Belt Championships - Judgement Day 1, 3:20
14 July 2004 Win Dean Stevens Submission (Guillotine Choke) Valhalla - Hard as Hell 2, 2:10
1 December 2004 Win Dennis Jones TKO (Doctor Stoppage) Valhalla Combat 2 2, 3:39
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