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Dave "Dangerous" Beneteau is a retired Canadian mixed martial arts fighter who is best known for his appearances in the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

He was the runner up in the UFC 5 tournament losing in the finals to future UFC Hall of Famer Dan "The Beast" Severn.

Currently Dave Beneteau works as a criminal lawyer.

Mixed martial arts record Edit

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6 Wins (2 KO's, 3 submissions, 1 decision), 5 Losses (1 KO's, 4 submissions), 1 Draw.
Date Outcome Record Opponent Event Details Round, Time Notes
6/23/2001 Loss 6-5-1 United States flag Tim Catalfo KOTC 9 - Showtime Submission (Choke) Round 1, 0:25
8/12/2000 Win 6-4-1 United States flag Joe Campanella UCC 2 - The Moment of Truth Submission (Keylock) Round 1, 1:06
6/2/2000 Draw 5-4-1 Australia flag Elvis Sinosic UCC 1 - The New Beginning Draw Round 2, 10:00
10/17/1997 Win 5-4 Brazil flag Carlos Barreto UFC 15 - Collision Course Decision (Unanimous) Round 1, 15:00
11/17/1996 Win 4-4 United States flag Patrick Smith U - Japan Submission (Punches) Round 1, 1:09
10/22/1996 Loss 3-4 United States flag Dan Bobish UVF 4 - Universal Vale Tudo Fighting 4 TKO (Cuts) Round 1, 4:44
10/22/1996 Win 3-3 Brazil flag Egidio da Costa UVF 4 - Universal Vale Tudo Fighting 4 Submission (Keylock) Round 1, 2:36
12/16/1995 Loss 2-3 Russia flag Oleg Taktarov Ultimate Ultimate 1995 Submission (Achilles Hold) Round 1, 1:15
7/14/1995 Loss 2-2 Russia flag Oleg Taktarov UFC 6 - Clash of the Titans Submission (Front Choke) Round 1, 0:57
4/7/1995 Loss 2-1 United States flag Dan Severn UFC 5 - The Return of the Beast Submission (Keylock) Round 1, 3:01
4/7/1995 Win 2-0 United States flagTodd Medina UFC 5 - The Return of the Beast TKO Round 1, 2:12
4/7/1995 Win 1-0 United States flag Asbel Cancio UFC 5 - The Return of the Beast TKO (Strikes) Round 1, 0:21

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