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Dave Herman born in USA is a mixed martial arts fighter. He competes in the Heavyweight division. Herman received a significant amount of buzz from hardcore fans for being undefeated in his first twelve fights and beating his opponents impressively. He competed in the now defunct EliteXC organization. Mu Bae Choi handed him his first loss in January 2009, fighting in the Sengoku promotion. In his most recent fight, Herman defeated Jim York at Sengoku 11.


MMA recordEdit

Record Result Opponent Method Event Date Round Time Location
16-1 Win 22px Jim York KO (Up Kicks) Sengoku 11 11/07/2009 1 2:25 Japan flag Tokyo, Japan
15-1 Win United States flag Don Frye TKO (Punches) Shark Fights 6: Stars & Stripes 09/12/2009 1 1:00 United States flag Amarillo, Texas, USA
14-1 Win United States flag Josh Barnes TKO (Strikes) Bellator 5 05/01/2009 1 4:46 United States flag Dayton, Ohio, USA
13-1 Loss South Korea flag Choi Mu Bae TKO (Punches) Sengoku no Ran 2009 01/04/2009 2 2:22 Japan flag Saitama, Japan
13-0 Win United States flag Chris Guillen TKO KOK: Season's Beatings 11/22/2008 1 1:32 United States flag Austin, Texas, USA
12-0 Win United States flag Kerry Schall TKO (Knees and Punches) ShoXC: Elite Challenger Series 10/10/2008 1 1:06 United States flag Hammond, Indiana, USA
11-0 Win United States flag Ron Waterman TKO (Punches) EliteXC: Return of the King 06/14/2008 1 2:19 United States flag Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
10-0 Win United States flag Mario Rinaldi TKO (Knees and Punches) EliteXC: Street Certified 02/16/2008 3 0:33 United States flag Miami, Florida, USA
9-0 Win United States flag Justin Kahn Submission (Rear Naked Choke) Maximum Combat 12/8/2007 1 2:56 United States flag USA
8-0 Win United States flag Chuck Geyer TKO (Punches) LOF 22 - Nemesis 11/30/2007 1 1:31 United States flag Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
7-0 Win United States flag Terry Tucker KO LOF 20 - Bitter Rivals 9/28/2007 1 N/A United States flag Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
6-0 Win United States flag Jordan Wall Submission (Strikes) TFC - Title Fighting Championships 6/30/2007 1 1:30 United States flag Des Moines, Iowa, USA
5-0 Win Brazil flag Andre Mussi TKO NAAFS - Fight Night in the Flats III 06/9/2007 1 N/A United States flag Cleveland, Ohio, USA
4-0 Win United States flag James Samuels KO LOF 18 - Pole Position 5/25/2007 1 0:18 United States flag Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
3-0 Win United States flag James Ferguson KO LOF 17 - Unrivaled 5/19/2007 1 1:59 United States flag Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA
2-0 Win United States flag Greg Hammer Submission (Strikes) FSG - Coliseum Carnage 04/8/2007 1 1:13 United States flag Ames, Iowa, USA
1-0 Win United States flag Mike Cooke TKO LOF 12 - Black Tie Battles 12/31/2006 1 1:39 United States flag Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

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