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FMC is a mixed martial arts organization promoted by Fighter Mania Entertainment Group.The Rules are almost the same as in PRIDE, but soccer kicks does will be banned as well as stomps, similar toPride Fighting Championship.In Korea, the promotion is aired on Mbc Espn and it will probably air in the us on Mark Cuban's HDNet.

History Edit

FMC 1st Event Edit

The first event of new Korean promotion Fighting Mixed Combative is complete and all 10 fights will be fought under the theme of South Korea vs. Japan. The Korean team has a few strong names but the Japanese side has 2-3 solid names as well, such as the recently added Hiroshi Nakamura.

FMC 1: Fighting Mixed Combative
Date: August 16th, 2009
Place: Jangchung Gymnasium in Seoul, South Korea
3 Kim Hoon Vs Shuji Morikawa
2 Gil Young Bok Vs Daisuke Endo
1 Whi Gyu Kim Vs Asato Hashimoto

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