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Finnfight or Scandinavian open NHB Championships (SNC) is an annual Mixed martial arts competition in Turku, Finland. Contrary to most other mixed martial arts organizations and competitions, Elbow strikes, Knee strikes and Headbutts from any position are legal.


The fights take place in a ring or arena, which has a padded floor to increase the safety of the fighters. The bouts are 10 minutes long, with no round breaks. During the length of the bout, there is a Referee in the competition area, who oversees the rules. The referee has the right to stop the bout if necessary. The referee's decision is final. Protests lead to the disqualification of the fighter.

Ways to winEdit

  • Knockout (KO)
  • Submission (tapout, TO)
  • Referee stoppage (TKO)
  • Doctor stoppage (TKO)
  • Cornerman stoppage (TKO)
  • Disqualification for breaking the rules
  • After the full bout time (10 minutes), by three judges deciding the winner (Criteria: stand-up, takedown, ground techniques and fighting spirit)


  • Pushing fingers into the opponent's eyes, mouth, ears or groin area
  • Biting
  • Grabbing the ropes
  • Strike to the Throat
  • Kicks while wearing shoes (allowed shoes are boxing- or wrestling-shoes)
  • Usage of Doping or illegal substances
  • Small joint manipulation
  • Stomp or Soccer kicking the head of a Downed opponent while the other fighter is still standing
  • Strike to the groin
  • Throwing or pushing the opponent out of the competition area
  • Unsportsmanlike conduct

Equipment and other informationEdit

  • Grappling-model gloves are supplied by the competition hosts.
  • groin protection is compulsory.
  • Mouthguard is compulsory.
  • Wrestling- or ring-shoes are allowed, but the fighter using shoes is not allowed to kick the opponent.
  • The fighter can wear, for instance, a gi, wrestling outfit, or shorts.
  • The fighter can also wear protective equipment according to their particular style (knee or leg pads).
  • Application of any kinds of lubricative substances on any bodypart except the face is disallowed.
  • The fighters are subject to a medical exam both before and after the bouts.

Weight divisionsEdit

Weigh-ins take place at the day of the competition (6h before).

  • -70kg
  • -80kg
  • -90kg
  • +90kg

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