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Gerald Strebendt is a mixed martial artist, having competed in MMA organisations such as the UFC and Cage Rage. The highlight of Gerald's career was at UFC 44, where he took on top lightweight,[1] Josh Thomson - losing in the first round by KO. Despite losing, Gerald showed an aggressive grappling style in his match, living up to his name "The Finishing Machine" - A name that has stood by him for his entire MMA career, where he has never gone to a decision, win or lose.

Gerald is known for training with world renowned grappler, Eddie Bravo where he adopted Eddie's rubber guard game. In 2004 Gerald became the first fighter to execute a Twister in an MMA match - a spine lock submission made famous by Eddie Bravo.

Gerald currently owns and operates Northwest Training Center in Springfield, Oregon. He has continued his involvement in MMA by training several successful amateur and professional fighters.



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