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Gil Philip Castillo is an American mixed martial arts fighter studying under Cesar Gracie. His UFC debut was in UFC 33 with a loss to Dave Menne via Unanimous Decision. He then went on to a win at UFC 35 against Chris Brennan by Unanimous Decision, and gained his biggest claim to fame with his fight against Matt Hughes at UFC 40, which he lost via cut stoppage in the first round.

MMA recordEdit

8–5–0 (wins–losses–draws)

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2006-04-01 Loss Jake Ellenberger TKO IFC Cage Combat Round 1 1:30
2005-10-14 Win Steve Ramerez TKO (Punches) WEC 17 Halloween Fury 4 Round 2 4:01
2004-05-21 Loss Ryan Schultz Decision (Majority) WEC 10 Bragging Rights Round 3 5:00
2003-10-10 Loss Renato Verissimo TKO (Corner Stoppage) ROTR 4 Rumble on the Rocks 4 Round 2 5:00
2003-03-27 Win Chris Williams TKO (Corner Stoppage) WEC 6 Return of a Legend Round 1 5:00
2002-11-22 Loss Matt Hughes TKO (Cut) UFC 40: Vendetta Round 1 5:00 For UFC Welterweight title
2002-01-11 Win Chris Brennan Decision (Unanimous) UFC 35: Throwdown Round 3 5:00
2001-09-28 Loss Dave Menne Decision (Unanimous) UFC 33: Victory in Vegas Round 5 5:00 For UFC Middleweight title
2001-07-18 Win Nathan Marquardt Decision (Unanimous) IFC 14 Warriors Challenge 14 Round 5 5:00
2001-04-29 Win Joe Hurley Decision (Unanimous) KOTC 8 Bombs Away Round 3 5:00
2000-10-11 Win Raymond Mansfield Submission (Omo Plata) IFC Warriors Challenge 10 Round 1
2000-06-14 Win Robert Ferguson Decision (Unanimous) IFC Warriors Challenge 8 N/A
2000-03-25 Win Dennis Muehy Submission (Armbar) IFC Warriors Challenge 6 Round 1 1:17

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