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Gilbert "The Hurricane" Yvel (born June 30, 1976) is a Dutch mixed martial arts fighter. He is associated with the Vos Gym training camp in the Netherlands. Gilbert is a Brazilian jiu-jitsu purple belt under John Lewis.[1]

Fighting careerEdit

Gilbert Yvel was one of the first Dutch fighters who successfully applied the muay thai striking style to MMA. Unlike many other Dutch MMA fighters, Yvel started out doing MMA from the onset, without transitioning from kickboxing or another striking art. Gilbert possesses an arsenal of strikes and kicks as befitting his Muay Thai training, and is famous for his signature "flying knee" strike. Yvel's grappling style is mainly defensive, and is often praised for his toughness and ability to do damage from the guard.

Gilbert Yvel grew up in the Bijlmer in Amsterdam. Through his brother he came into contact with kickboxing and MMA, and after only two years of training he made his debut at 17 years of age, representing Vos gym. Gilbert was off to a flying start winning his first 9 fights, primarily fighting for the Rings promotion. His first loss came to "dirty" Bob Schrijber in 1998. In the following years Yvel came to be considered the best Dutch heavyweight fighter active on the European fighting circuit. Yvel also has fought 2 K-1 matches, losing to Ray Sefo and beating Yuji Sakuragi.

Bad conduct and subsequent rehabilitation Edit

Yvel has acquired, through a number of instances, a lingering reputation in the MMA community for his temper and poor sportsmanship in the ring.[2][3][4][5]

In his May 1998 bout with Karimula Barkalaev, Yvel was disqualified for biting his opponent (earning comparisons to the Tyson-Holyfield biting incident of 1997).[3][4][5]

In his September 2001 match with Don Frye, Yvel repeatedly raked his fingers across Frye's face and pushed his thumb into Frye's eyes to avoid being wrestled to the mat. Yvel was disqualified in this match, as well, although the official reason given was for grabbing the ropes.[3][4][5]

During Yvel's November 2004 match with Atte Backman, at one point, the referee separated the fighters, as they were falling over the ropes in a clinched position. Yvel refused the attempts by the referee to get the fighters to resume the clinched position away from ropes, swatting the referee's hand away when he attempted to guide the fighters back together. After a number of unsuccessful attempts to restart the fight in the clinched position, Yvel suddenly punched the referee in the head, dropping him to the canvas, and then kicked him while he was down. This was Yvel's 3rd disqualification in six years.[3][4] [5]

A scheduled PRIDE 33 match in 2007 with Sergei Kharitonov had to be canceled, when the Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) refused to grant Yvel a license to fight in their state, due to his history of poor conduct.[4][6]

Yvel's 2009 Affliction match-up with Josh Barnett was scheduled to take place in California. Again, because of his past behavior, there was debate over whether he should be allowed to have a fight license. After taking the unusual step of arranging a personal meeting between Yvel, Assistant Executive Officer Bill Douglas, and Chief Athletic Inspector Dean Lohuis, however, the California State Athletic Commission (CSAC) did license him to fight there.[4][5] [6]

In October of 2009, after a new application, the NSAC again declined to grant Yvel a standard license, but did grant him a limited, 1-fight only license to fight in Nevada due to his good conduct since his last instance of poor behaviour in 2004.[7]

Affliction deal Edit

In 2008 Yvel signed a three-fight deal with Affliction Entertainment, his first and only fight on the contract was against Josh Barnett at Affliction's January 24, 2009 "Day of Reckoning" event in Anaheim, California before Affliction abandoned MMA promotion.[8] During the fight, Yvel showed great resilience against his wrestling opponent, and kept an active guard which prevented Barnett from submitting him in the first two rounds, until Yvel finally succumbed to punches at the 3:05 mark of the third round.

Yvel was scheduled to fight Paul Buentello at Affliction: Trilogy, a fight which never materialized due to the folding of the promotion.

UFC Edit

Yvel recently fought up-and-coming Brazilian heavyweight Junior dos Santos at UFC 108[9] replacing Gabriel Gonzaga for the bout on January 2. Yvel lost the fight, with Herb Dean stopping the fight at 2:07 in the first round due to strikes. [10]

Yvel was next scheduled to fight Pat Barry, but his opponent was later changed, Yvel is now expected to fight Ben Rothwell at UFC 115.

Mixed martial arts record Edit

Result Opponent Method Event Date Round Time Notes
LossBrazil flag Junior dos Santos TKO (Punches) UFC 108: Evans vs. Silva 2010-01-02 1 2:07 UFC debut
WinBrazil flag Pedro Rizzo KO (Punches) Ultimate Chaos: Lashley vs. Sapp 2009-06-27 1 2:10
Loss United States flag Josh Barnett Submission (Punches) Affliction: Day of Reckoning 2009-01-24 33:05
WinRussia flag Alexander Timonov TKO (Punches) M-1 Challenge 9 - Russia 2008-11-21 1 0:22
WinRussia flag Sergey ShemetovSubmission (Toe Hold) KOE: Tough Is Not Enough 2008-10-05 1 0:53
WinPoland flag Michal Kita KO Gentlemen Fight Night 2008-05-24 2 N/A
WinNetherlands flag Hakim Goram TKO K-1 World Grand Prix 2007 in Amsterdam 2007-06-23 1 N/A
WinJapan flag Akira Shoji TKO (Punches) PRIDE 34: Kamikaze 2007-04-08 13:43
WinNetherlands flag Rodney Glunder KO (Punches) 2H2H - Pride & Honor 2006-11-12 1 1:38
WinBrazil flag Fabiano Scherner TKO (Punches) CR 17: Ultimate Challenge 2006-07-01 11:30
LossRussia flag Roman Zentsov KO (Punch) PRIDE Total Elimination Absolute 2006-05-05 1 4:55
WinNetherlands flag Valentijn Overeem Submission (Armbar) It's Showtime: Amsterdam Arena 2005-06-12 1 4:30
LossJapan flag Ikuhisa Minowa Submission (Toe Hold) PRIDE Bushido 6 2005-04-03 1 1:10
LossFinland flag Atte Backman DQ (Attacked Referee) Fight Festival 12 2004-11-13 1 0:35
WinFrance flag Cheick Kongo TKO (Punches) It's Showtime: Amsterdam Arena 2004-05-20 2 N/A
DrawSpain flag Daniel Tabera Draw M-1 MFC: Russia vs the World 7 2003-12-05 1 10:00
LossUnited States flag Jeremy Horn Decision (Unanimous) PRIDE 21: Demolition 2002-06-23 3 5:00
WinNetherlands flag Bob Schrijber TKO 2H2H 4 - Simply the Best 4 2002-03-17 N/A N/A
WinRussia flag Ibragim Magomedov Submission (Rear Naked Choke) M-1 MFC - Russia vs the World 2 2001-11-11 N/A 2:45
LossUnited States flag Don Frye DQ (Eye Gouging) PRIDE 16: Beasts From the East 2001-09-24 1 7:27
LossUkraine flag Igor Vovchanchyn Submission (Rear Naked Choke) PRIDE 14: Clash of the Titans 2001-05-27 1 1:52
WinBrazil flag Carlos Barreto KO (Flying Knee) 2H2H 2 - Simply The Best 2001-03-18 1 2:20
LossJapan flag Kazuyuki Fujita Decision (Unanimous) PRIDE 12: Cold Fury 2000-12-09 2 5:00
NCBrazil flag Wanderlei Silva NC (Yvel Kicked in the Groin) PRIDE 11: Battle of the Rising Sun 2000-10-31 1 0:21
WinTrinidad and Tobago flag Gary Goodridge KO (Head Kick) PRIDE 10: Return of the Warriors 2000-08-27 1 0:28
LossBrazil flag Vitor Belfort Decision (Unanimous) PRIDE 9: New Blood 2000-06-04 2 10:00
WinJapan flag Kiyoshi Tamura TKO (Strikes) Rings: Millennium Combine 1 2000-04-20 1 13:13
WinUnited States flag Brian Dunn TKO (Punches) 2H2H 1: 2 Hot 2 Handle 2000-03-05 1 0:21
LossUnited States flag Dan Henderson Decision (Unanimous) Rings: King of Kings 1999 Final 2000-02-26 2 5:00
WinNetherlands flag Joop Kasteel KO (Palm Strikes) Rings Holland: There Can Only Be One Champion 2000-02-06 1 4:16
WinJapan flag Tsuyoshi Kohsaka TKO (Cut) Rings: King of Kings 1999 Block B 1999-12-22 1 1:17
WinGeorgia flag Tariel Bitsadze Submission (Armbar) Rings: King of Kings 1999 Block B 1999-12-22 1 2:18
WinUnited States flag Dennis Reed KO (Flying Knee) AAC 2: Amsterdam Absolute Championship 2 1999-11-27 1 1:43
WinBrazil flag Fabio Piamonte TKO (Strikes) WVC 9: World Vale Tudo Championship 9 1999-09-27 1 2:28
LossJapan flag Tsuyoshi Kohsaka Technical Decision (Lost Points) Rings: Rise 5th 1999-08-19 1 8:17
WinNetherlands flag Semmy Schilt KO (Punches) Rings Holland: The Kings of the Magic Ring 1999-06-20 2 4:45
WinJapan flag Tsuyoshi Kohsaka TKO (Doctor Stoppage) Rings: Rise 2nd 1999-04-23 1 14:58
WinUnited States flag Todd Medina KO (Knee) WVC: World Vale Tudo Championship 1999-03-20 1 0:10
WinNetherlands flag Big Mo T KO (Flying Knee) Rings Holland: Judgement Day 1999-02-07 1 1:59
WinEngland flag Lee Hasdell TKO (Cut) Rings Holland: The Thialf Explosion 1998-10-24 N/A N/A
WinNetherlands flag Valentijn Overeem TKO (Shoulder Injury) Rings Holland: Who's The Boss 1998-06-07 1 0:38
LossGeorgia flag Karimula Barkalaev DQ (Biting) IAFC: Pankration European Championship 1998 1998-05-23 1 4:49
LossNetherlands flag Bob Schrijber KO (Punches and Kick) IMA: KO Power Tournament 1998-04-12 1 4:15
WinNetherlands flag Algirdas Darulis TKO (3 Knockdowns) IMA: KO Power Tournament 1998-04-12 1 3:02
WinNetherlands flag Bob Schrijber Submission (Achilles Lock) Rings Holland: The King of Rings 1998-02-08 2 1:12
WinNetherlands flag Bas Lussen KO RDFF 2: Red Devil Free Fight 2 1997-12-07 N/A N/A
WinRussia flag Oleg Tsygolnik KO (Punch) M-1 MFC: World Championship 1997 1997-11-01 1 1:41
WinUkraine flag Sergei Tunic KO (Punches) M-1 MFC: World Championship 1997 1997-11-01 1 1:16
WinNetherlands flag Pedro Palm TKO Gym Almaar: Fight Gala 1997-10-05 N/A N/A
WinRussia flag Vyacheslav Kiselyov TKO (Knees) RDFF 1: Red Devil Free Fight 1 1997-09-27 1 0:51
WinNetherlands flag Leon Dijk KO (Knee) Rings Holland: Utrecht at War 1997-06-29 1 2:05
WinNetherlands flag Rob van Leeuwen TKO (Corner Stoppage) Rings Holland: The Final Challenge 1997-02-02 1 4:06

Notes Edit

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