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Template:Nihongo (born 28 May 1976) is a professional mixed martial artist.


File:Hideki kadowaki.jpg

Hideki Kadowaki comes from Chiba Prefecture, Japan. He started MMA 11 years ago. He started out just goofing around with friends, and then thought it would be fun to do fighting as a job. After deciding to become a professional fighter, he joined Wajitsu Keishukai in Nagasaki, where the former headquarters was located. He worked various part-time jobs to support himself, and trained there for two years, after which he moved to Tokyo where there were more competitions and fight opportunities.

Currently, he trains and fights out of Wajitsu Keishukai Tokyo Honbu, and teaches classes at Marupuro Gym once or twice a week.

His strength is in grappling, but over time he developed a good striking game, training with other Keishukai pros such as strikers Kenji Osawa, Hayate Usui, and many others.

His favorite saying is, "Just enjoy life!"

He became Shooto 65KG champion on March 28, 2008 by defeating Akitoshi Tamura by majority decision.


  • 2002 Pro Shooto Light weight Champion
  • 2000 All Japan Amateur Shooto Welter-weight runner up



Record Result Opponent Method Event Date Round, Time Location
13-9-2 Loss United States flag Nam Phan Sengoku 7: Featherweight Grandprix Opening Round TKO (Punches) 3/20/09 1, 3:09 Japan flag Tokyo, Japan
13-8-2 Loss Japan flag Takeshi Inoue Decision (Unanimous) Shooto - Shooto Tradition 4 11/29/08 3, 5:00 Japan flag Tokyo, Japan
13-7-2 Win Japan flag Akitoshi Tamura Decision (Majority) Shooto - Back to Our Roots 8 3/28/08 3, 5:00 Japan flag Tokyo, Japan
12-7-2 Win Japan flag Rumina Sato Submission (rear naked choke) Shooto - Back to Our Roots 5 9/22/07 1, 4:09 Japan flag Tokyo, Japan
11-7-2 Loss Japan flag Akiyo Nishiura Decision (split) Shooto - Back to Our Roots 2 3/16/07 3, 5:00 Japan flag Tokyo, Japan
11-6-2 Win Japan flag Daisuke Ishizawa Decision (unanimous) Shooto - 11/30 in Kitazawa Town Hall 11/30/06 2, 5:00 Japan flag Tokyo, Japan
10-6-2 Win Australia flag Adrian Pang Decision WR 6- Warrior's Realm 6/24/06 3, 5:00 Australia flag Australia
9-6-2 zDraw Japan flag Miki Shida Draw GCM-D.O.G. 4 12/11/2005 3, 5:00 Japan flag Tokyo, Japan
9-6-1 Loss Japan flag Hatsu Hioki Submission (Armbar) Shooto - GIG Central 8 7/3/05 2, 3:34 Japan flag Nagoya, Japan
9-5-1 Win Japan flag Akitoshi Tamura Decision (Unanimous) Shooto - 3/11 in Korakuen Hall 3/11/2005 2, 5:00 Japan flag Tokyo, Japan
8-5-1 Loss Brazil flag Alexandre Franca Nogueira Submission (Guillotine Choke) Shooto - Year End Show 2004 12/14/04 1, 3:34 Japan flag Tokyo, Japan
8-4-1 Loss Japan flag Naoya Uematsu Submission (Guillotine Choke) Shooto - Shooto Junkie Is Back! 6/27/2004 1, 0:45 Japan flag Chiba, Japan
8-3-1 Win United States flag Bao Quach Submission (Rear Naked Choke) Shooto - Year End Show 2003 12/14/2003 3, 4:40 Japan flag Chiba, Japan
7-3-1 Win Lithuania flag Denisas Archirejevas Submission (Armbar) Shooto - 9/5 in Korakuen Hall 9/5/03 1, 3:45 Japan flag Tokyo, Japan
6-3-1 Win Japan flag Makoto Ishikawa Decision (Unanimous) Shooto - 5/4 in Korakuen Hall 5/4/03 3, 5:00 Japan flag Tokyo, Japan
5-3-1 Loss Japan flag Tetsuo Katsuta Decision (Unanimous) Shooto - 3/18 in Korakuen Hall 3/18/03 3, 5:00 Japan flag Tokyo, Japan
5-2-1 Win Japan flag Hiroshi Komatsu Decision (Unanimous) Shooto - Treasure Hunt 11 11/15/2002 2, 5:00 Japan flag Tokyo, Japan
4-2-1 Win Japan flag Masahi Kameda Submission (Rear Naked Choke) Shooto - Treasure Hunt 9 7/27/02 1, 2:23 Japan flag Tokyo, Japan
3-2-1 Loss Japan flag Eiji Murayama Decision (39-38) GCM - ORG 3rd 6/16/02 2, 5:00 Japan flag Tokyo, Japan
3-1-1 Win Japan flag Naoya Miyamoto Submission (Rear Naked Choke) Shooto - Wanna Shooto Japan 4/21/02 1, 2:12 Japan flag Tokyo, Japan
2-1-1 Loss Japan flag Norifumi Yamamoto TKO (Punches) Shooto - To The Top 8 9/2/01 1, 4:02 Japan flag Tokyo, Japan
2-0-1 zDraw Japan flag Koji Takeuchi Draw Shooto - To The Top 2 3/2/01 2, 5:00 Japan flag Tokyo, Japan
2-0 Win Japan flag Takuhito Hida Decision (Unanimous) Shooto - To The Top 1 1/19/01 2, 5:00 Japan flag Tokyo, Japan
1-0 Win Japan flag Takashi Ohuchi Submission (Rear Naked Choke) Shooto - R.E.A.D. 12 11/12/00 1, 4:10 Japan flag Tokyo, Japan

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