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James Warring

A photo of James Warring.

James Warring (born November 26, 1958) is an American boxer, kickboxer and mixed martial artist. He is a rare fighter who won the world titles both of boxing and kickboxing.

Biography Edit

Record Edit

Career Edit

  • Kickboxing
    • US kickboxing champion
    • KICK World Cruiserweight Champion
    • PKC World Cruiserweight Champion
    • FFKA World Super heavyweight champion
    • WKA World Cruiserweight Champion
    • WKA World Heavyweight champion
  • Boxing
    • NABF Cruiserweight champion(December 12, 1990 - ?)
    • IBF World Cruiserweight champion(September 7, 1981 - July 30, 1999)
  • Mixed Martial Arts
    • World Combat Championship Finalist(1995)

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James Warring
Preceded by:
jeffery Lampkin
{{{logo}}} Succeeded by:
BIll johnswagg
IBF Cruiserweight Champion
7 July 1991–30 July 1992

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Career After FightingEdit

As of 2002, Warring was a referee for the Florida State Athletic Commission in Shin Do Kumate.

External linksEdit

fr:James Warring ja:ジェームズ・ワーリング

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