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James Christopher Varner (born October 12, 1984) is a mixed martial artist who fights for the World Extreme Cagefighting. He is the former WEC Lightweight champion of the world.


He successfully defended his WEC Lightweight Championship belt against the previously undefeated Marcus Hicks on August 3, 2008.[1]

He retained his title on January 25, 2009 against Donald Cerrone at WEC 38.[2] The fight was highly competitive and won fight of the night honors. However, the fight was stopped prematurely in the fifth round when Cerrone hit Varner's temple with an illegal knee while Varner was still on the ground. Varner was given time to recover, but he was unable to continue, noting that he had double vision and had sustained a broken hand.

The controversial nature of the stoppage, and many fans in the MMA communities disapproval of the result to a good fight, has tarnished Varner's once impeccable reputation as a tough fighter. The months following have led to potential rematch opportunities which have not occurred. Amidst speculation that Varner was avoiding the fight, and exaggerating an array of injuries that proceed the Cerrone match. This, and Varner's subsequent inability to perform since the Cerrone fight (despite Cerrone's ability to do the contrary) has led the WEC to set up an interim title bout between Cerrone and Henderson. Henderson defeated Cerrone via unanimous decision to win the WEC Interim Lightweight Championship.

Jamie Varner was defeated by fighter Ben Henderson with a guillotine choke (although he claimes he was ahead in the fight till then) on January 10, 2010 at WEC 46 to unify the WEC Lightweight Championship.[3]

Varner was expected to face Kamal Shalorus on April 24, 2010 at WEC 48[4], but that bout has been called off due to an injury sustained by Shalorus. Varner is now likely to compete at WEC 49 on June 20, 2010.[5]

Personal lifeEdit

He is an alumnus of Deer Valley High School in Glendale, Arizona, where he also was a part of the Deer Valley Skyhawk Wrestling Team. He attended Lock Haven University where he joined the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity (he is not listed in the PI registry, if he joined it was after college) and spent his time at that school training both as a wrestler and a boxer, where he was NCBA (National Collegiate Boxing Association) Champion for the nationally recognized Lock Haven University boxing team.

Varner was instrumental in the legalization and forthcoming athletic sanctioning of mixed martial arts in the state of Arizona after giving testimony to the sport's legitimacy and ongoing development as an athletic profession.[6] Template:-

Mixed Martial Arts recordEdit

Result Record Opponent Method Event Date Round Time Location Notes
Loss 16-3 United States flag Ben Henderson Submission (Guillotine Choke) WEC 46: Varner vs. Henderson 2010-01-10 3 2:41 United States flag Sacramento, California, United States Lost WEC Lightweight Title
Win 16-2 United States flag Donald Cerrone Technical Decision (Split) WEC 38: Varner vs. Cerrone 2009-01-25 5 1:58 United States flag San Diego, California, United States Defended WEC Lightweight Title.

Due to an unintentional knee on the ground by Cerrone, the fight was stopped at 1:58 of round 5 and went to the scorecards. Won Fight of the Night Honors.[7]

Win 15-2 United States flag Marcus Hicks TKO (Punches) WEC 35: Condit vs. Miura 2008-08-03 1 2:08 United States flag Las Vegas, Nevada, United States Defended WEC Lightweight title
Win 14-2 United States flag Rob McCullough TKO (Punches) WEC 32: Condit vs. Prater 2008-02-13 3 2:54 United States flag Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States Won WEC Lightweight title
Win 13-2 United States flag Sherron Leggett TKO (Strikes) WEC 29: Condit vs. Larson 2007-08-05 1 4:08 United States flag Las Vegas, Nevada, United States WEC debut
Win 12-2 United States flag Jason Gilliam Technical Submission (Rear naked choke) UFC 68: The Uprising 2007-03-03 1 1:34 United States flag Columbus, Ohio, United States
Loss 11-2 Brazil flag Hermes Franca Submission (Armbar) UFC 62: Liddell vs. Sobral 2006-08-26 3 3:31 United States flag Las Vegas, Nevada, United States UFC debut
Win 11-1 United States flag Leonard Wilson Submission (choke) RITC 78 2006-01-14 2 1:07 United States flag Glendale, Arizona, United States
NC 10-1 United States flag Tony Llamas No Contest KOTC Arizona 2005-07-09 N/A N/A United States flag Globe, Arizona, United States
Win 10-1 United States flag Paul Arroyo Submission (strikes) RITC 71 2005-06-30 1 2:03 United States flag Tempe, Arizona, United States
Win 9-1 United States flag Adam Roland TKO RITC 70 2005-06-11 2 2:46 United States flag Glendale, Arizona, USA
Win 8-1 Canada flag Jesse Bongfeldt TKO (Punches) WFF 7 - Professional Shooto 2004-07-23 1 4:12 Canada flag Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Win 7-1 United States flag Kyle Bradley Submission (Rear Naked Choke) FF - Fight Factory 2004-06-26 2 2:34 United States flag USA
Win 6-1 United States flag Kyle Sprouse Submission (Choke) RITC 63 2004-06-12 1 1:47 United States flag Phoenix, Arizona, USA
Win 5-1 United States flag Garett Davis Submission (Triangle Choke) WFF 6 - World Freestyle Fighting 6 2004-05-14 1 3:52 Canada flag Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
NC 4-1 United States flag James Upshur No Contest RITC 61 2004-04-30 2 N/A United States flag Phoenix, Arizona, USA
Win 4-1 United States flag Jarvis Brennaman Submission (Triangle Choke) ECS - Evolution 2003-07-19 1 1:22 United States flag Phoenix, Arizona, USA
Win 3-1 United States flag David Klein Submission (Choke) RITC 50 2003-07-12 3 1:56 United States flag Tucson, Arizona, USA
Win 2-1 United States flag Justin Nauling Submission (Armbar) RITC 49 2003-06-07 2 0:38 United States flag Phoenix, Arizona, USA
Loss 1-1 United States flag Jesse Moreng Decision (Unanimous) RITC 47 2003-06-07 3 3:00 United States flag Phoenix, Arizona, USA
Win 1-0 United States flag Carlos Ortega Decision (Unanimous) RITC 46 2003-03-27 3 3:00 United States flag Tempe, Arizona, USA


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