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Jimi Manuwa is a English professional mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter who competes in the Light Heavyweight division. Manuwa is the current Ultimate Challenge UK Light Heavyweight champion.


Manuwa began training in mixed martial arts in 2007 following a weight lifting injury where ruptured a chest muscle while bench pressing 185 kg (407+ lbs). He currently trains at Keddles Gym with Alan Keddle and Dino Miringou and at Nova Forca BJJ with Ricardo Da Silva. Template:-

MMA recordEdit

Record Result Opponent Method Event Title Date Round Time Location
7-0 Win United Kingdom flag Shaun Lomas TKO (Punches) Ultimate Challenge UK - Fighting for Heroes 12/5/2009 1 3:58 United Kingdom flag London, England, UK
6-0 Win United Kingdom flag Luke Blythe KO (Punch) Ultimate Challenge UK - Payback 8/22/2009 2 4:22 United Kingdom flag London, England, UK
5-0 Win United Kingdom flag Ryan Robinson TKO (Punches) Ultimate Challenge UK - Relentless 5/09/2009 1 2:03 United Kingdom flag London, England, UK
4-0 Win United Kingdom flag Jamie Hearn Submission (Guillotine Choke) Ultimate Challenge UK - Unbreakable 2/07/2009 1 1:49 United Kingdom flag London, England, UK
3-0 Win United Kingdom flag Chris Greig TKO Ultimate Challenge UK - Bad Breed 12/6/2008 2 1:35 United Kingdom flag London, England, UK
2-0 Win United Kingdom flag Dave Rintal TKO FX3 - Fight Night 9 9/13/2008 1 3:10 United Kingdom flag Reading, England, UK
1-0 Win United Kingdom flag Tom King TKO (Punches) Full Contact Fight Night 8 7/26/2008 1 n/a United Kingdom flag Portsmouth, Hampshire, England, UK

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