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Joseph Hyungmin Son (born November 22, 1971) is an American actor, and mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter.


Son was born in Korea but moved to California at an early age.[1] He is a retired MMA fighter remembered for his fight at UFC 4 where he lost to Keith Hackney. During the fight, Hackney repeatedly struck Son's groin (UFC had no rule against groin strikes at the time).[2] Son retired from MMA with a record of 0-4.[3] He then spent a brief time in professional wrestling in Japan, during which he faced Shinya Hashimoto.[4] Son was also Kimo Leopoldo's manager at UFC 3.[3]

Son is the founder and sole practitioner of the martial art Joe Son Do, a style Joe Son described as a hybrid of Taekwondo and Judo.[5]

Son is perhaps best known for his role in Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery, playing the character Random Task, a parody of James Bond henchman Oddjob.[6] He also appeared in several other movies, including Bloodfist V: Human Target.[4]

According to multiple news sources, in early October 2008, Son was charged by California authorities in relation to alleged participation in a gang rape in 1990. Son has not made any public comment on the case.[7][5][3]

MMA Record Edit

0 wins, 4 losses.
Date Outcome Opponent Event Details Time Notes
7/20/2002 Loss Jukei Nakajima Pride The Best Vol.2 TKO Round 1, 0:54
4/12/2002 Loss Joe Moreira Xtreme Pankration 2 Submission Round 1
2/22/2002 Loss Yusuke Imamura Pride The Best Vol.1 Submission (Injured Elbow) Round 1, 0:33
12/16/1994 Loss Keith Hackney UFC 4 Submission (Front Strangle Choke/ Tapout due to groin blows) Round 1, 2:44

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