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Template:Nihongo is a Japanese mixed martial artist.


Nakamura is a senior studying law in college while pursuing a professional career in mixed martial arts. He has competed in professional SHOOTO, GCM's DOG and Demolition, as well as the Ultimate Fighting Championship. He trains at the Wajitsu Keishukai network, also teaching there, as well as the Marupuro gym, and the Shinagawa Ranger boxing gym.

His last fight was a loss by split decision against Rob Emerson at UFC 81 on February 2, 2008 at the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. After the fight, the 24-year-old Nakamura announced his retirement from MMA. Disappointed by his three UFC defeats, "K-Taro" also suffered from vision issues following the Emerson bout, due his opponent's toe impairing his vision after a high kick attempt.

Despite his claim that he would become a police officer, Nakamura's retirement lasted a mere three months.

Nakamura suffered a devastating loss to heavily underdog Korean fighter, Jang Yong Kim in his first post-retirement comeback fight.

Record Result Opponent Method Event Date Round, Time
15-4-2 Loss South Korea flag Jang Yong Kim TKO (Punches) GCM - Cage Force EX Eastern Bound 11/8/2008 1, 0:59 Japan flag Tokyo, Japan
15-3-2 Win Brazil flag Adriano Martins Decision (Split) Dream 6 - Middleweight Grand Prix 2008 Final 9/23/08 2, 5:00 Japan flag Saitama, Japan
14-3-2 Loss United States flag Rob Emerson Decision (Split) UFC 81: Breaking Point 2/2/2008 3, 5:00 United States flag Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
14-2-2 Win Japan flag Takefumi Hanai TKO (Knees) GCM - Cage Force EX Eastern Bound 11/11/2007 1, 1:59 Japan flag Tokyo, Japan
13-2-2 Loss United States flag Drew Fickett Decision (Unanimous) UFC Fight Night 9 4/5/2007 3, 5:00 United States flag Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
13-1-2 Loss United States flag Brock Larson Decision (Unanimous) UFC Fight Night 7 12/13/2006 3, 5:00 United States flag San Diego, California, USA
13-0-2 Win Russia flag Djalili Salmanov Submission (Rear Naked Choke) GCM- D.O.G. 7 9/9/2006 1, 3:50 Japan flag Tokyo, Japan
12-0-2 Win United States flag Ronald Jhun Submission (Rear Naked Choke) PIP- East vs. West 7/21/2006 1, 3:55 United States flag Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
11-0-2 Win South Korea flag Jun Yong Jae Submission (Rear Naked Choke) MARS-MARS World Grand Prix 4/29/2006 1, 1:58 South Korea flag Seoul, South Korea
10-0-2 Win Japan flag Yoshiyuki Yoshida Technical Decision (Majority) Shooto - 12/17 in Shinjuku FACE 12/17/2005 2, 4:06 Japan flag Tokyo, Japan
9-0-2 Win Japan flag Katsuaki Niioka Submission (rear naked choke) Shooto 2005 - 11/6 in Korakuen Hall 11/06/2005 1, 2:10 Japan flag Tokyo, Japan
8-0-2 Win France flag Mohamed Khacha Submission (Rear Naked Choke) GCM- D.O.G. 3 9/17/2005 1, 3:34 Japan flag Tokyo, Japan
7-0-2 Win United States flag Taro Minato Submission (Rear Naked Choke) GCM- Demolition 22 8/28/2005 1, 4:03 Japan flag Tokyo, Japan
6-0-2 Win Japan flag Jun Kitagawa Decicion (unanimous) Shooto 6/3/2005 2, 5:00 Japan flag Tokyo, Japan
5-0-2 Win Japan flag Kentaro Maeda Decision (Unanimous) Shooto 2/06/2005 2, 5:00 Japan flag Tokyo, Japan
4-0-2 Win Japan flag Atsushi Inoue Submission (rear naked choke) GCM- Demolition 20 11/14/2004 1, 2:11 Japan flag Tokyo, Japan
3-0-2 Draw Japan flag Kazunori Yokata Draw GCM- Demolition 18 9/19/2004 2, 5:00 Japan flag Tokyo, Japan
3-0-1 Win Japan flag Keisuke Sakai Submission (rear naked choke) Shooto 7/16/2004 1, 2:20 Japan flag Tokyo, Japan
2-0-1 Win Japan flag Ichiro Kanai Decision (unanimous) GCM- Demolition 15 5/21/2004 2, 5:00 Japan flag Tokyo, Japan
1-0-1 Win Japan flag Daisuke Nakamura Decision GCM- Demolition 14 4/8/2004 2, 5:00 Japan flag Tokyo, Japan
0-0-1 Draw Japan flag Ichiro Kanai Draw GCM- Demolition 12 12/27/2003 2, 5:00 Japan flag Tokyo, Japan


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