The light heavyweight division in mixed martial arts generally refers to competitors weighing between 186 and 205 lb (84 and 93 kg). It sits between the lighter middleweight division, and the heavyweight division.

There are some alternate interpretations of the term. In the former PRIDE, the 205-pound division was known as Middleweight; there was no division named Light Heavyweight in PRIDE. This division also was formerly Middleweight in the UFC. Pancrase's light heavyweight division, which formerly limited competitors to 199 lb (90.5 kg) has been revised to 205 lb (93 kg).

The light heavyweight limit, as defined by the Nevada State Athletic Commission, is 205 lb (93 kg).

Notable light heavyweights in MMAEdit

The listed fighters below fight between 186 and 205 lb (84 and 93 kg):

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