Template:Notability Marc Laimon is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Submission Wrestling, and Mixed martial arts trainer in the United States. Marc Laimon, a black belt under John Lewis, founded the CobraKai Jiu Jitsu Academy in Las Vegas, Nevada in 2004[1] Marc Laimon studied with the following black belts: Joe Moreira, Royce Gracie, John Lewis and many others to come up with his own unique style of bjj and produces many leading champions...Marc did receive his BJJ BB from John Lewis and at that time was a member of Nova Uniao. Having been inspired by watching Royce Gracie compete in UFC 4, he began training under Royce and Rorion Gracie, but later claimed to be unimpressed with Royce's jiu jitsu skills, stating, "I just think his (Royce's) level of Jiu Jitsu is very very low." Marc is currently coaching up and coming fighters such as Jake Rosholt, Johny Hendricks, Shane Roller, Ulysses Gomez, and Jason Carpenter.[2]

Marc Laimon also had a serious argument with Matt Serra, who trained with Gracie family for long time, during The Ultimate Fighter 4. Laimon criticized about Royce Gracie's loss against Matt Hughes and Matt Serra found that was very disrespectful and argued Laimon about "non-MMA guy" talking about "real-MMA fighter"'s fight.

Laimon holds a notable victory over Ryron Gracie. [3]

Grappling credentialsEdit

ADCC World Submission Wrestling Championships

ADCC 2001 ?North American? Qualifiers ?kg: 1st Place

CBJJ Pan American Championships

2000 Brown Belt Pesado: =3rd place

1999 Purple Belt Pesado: 1st Place


1997 Copa Pacifica Champion

1998 Joe Moreira International Champion ASSJF Grand Champion

1999 Hawaii State Champion

2000 Grapplers Quest West 8 man tournament Champion Circuito da Liga Niteroiense Absolute Champion

2001 US Grappling Association Superfight Champion Toronto GTA Superfight Champion

2002 Desert Challenge Superfight Champion Desert Quest 8 man tournament Champion

2004 Arizona Grappling Games Superfight Champion Arizona Grappling Challenge Superfight Champion

3 Time California State Champion


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