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Mauro "Louro" Galvão is a professional mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter. He is a member of the Nova União Academy.

MMA recordEdit

Result Opponent Method Event Date Round Time
Win Kenji Osawa Decision(Majority) Shooto - Back To Our Roots 3 5/18/2007 15:00
Win Naoya Uematsu Decision(Unanimous) Fury FC 1 - Fury Fighting Championship 1 9/27/2006 1
WinFredson Paixao Decision JF 6 - Jungle Fight 6 4/29/2006 3
Loss Akitoshi Hokazono Decision(Unanimous) Shooto 2005 - 9/23 in Korakuen Hall 9/23/2005 3 5:00
Win Jin Akimoto Decision(Unanimous) Shooto 2004 - 9/26 in Kourakuen Hall 9/26/2004 3 5:00
Win Shuichiro Katsumura Decision (Unanimous) Shooto 2004 - 1/24 in Korakuen Hall 1/24/2004 3 5:00
Win Masato Shiozawa Decision(Majority) Shooto 2003 - 5/4 in Korakuen Hall 5/4/2003 3 5:00

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