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Michael Joe Whitehead (born June 29, 1981 in Medford, Oregon) is a professional mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter. He has fought in the light heavyweight and heavyweight weight classes for the UFC, IFL, Affliction, and (currently) Strikeforce.


"Iron" Mike Whitehead started wrestling at North Idaho JC, Southern Oregon University, and Missouri. He is a 3 time All American Wrestler and Abu Dhabi qualifier. In 2005, he participated in the The Ultimate Fighter 2 reality series on Spike TV.[1]

He is 24-8 in his MMA career. Prior to his fight with Renato Sobral, he was on a 13 fight win streak, including five straight victories in the IFL. He has proven himself dangerous standing and striking, as well as with wrestling and submission grappling.

He has also competed in the standup only fight organization Xtreme Fighting Association where he defeated Ethen Cox by unanimous decision.[1]. Template:-

MMA recordEdit

Result Record Opponent Method Event Date Round Time Location Notes
Loss 24-8 United States flag Muhammed Lawal KO (Punches) Strikeforce: Evolution 12/19/2009 1 3:08 San Jose, California, USA
Win 24-7 United States flag Kevin Randleman Decision (Unanimous) Strikeforce: Lawler vs. Shields 06/06/2009 3 5:00 St. Louis, Missouri, USA
Win 23-7 United States flag Leo Pla Submission (Guillotine Choke) M-1 Challenge - 8th Edition 10/29/2008 1 1:20 Kansas City, Missouri, USA
Loss 22-7 Brazil flag Renato Sobral Decision (Unanimous) Affliction: Banned 7/19/2008 3 5:00 Anaheim, California, USA
Win 22-6 United States flag Zak Jensen Submission (Armbar) Beatdown - 4 Bears Casino 5/10/2008 1 2:06 North Dakota, USA
Win 21-6 Daniel Serafin Decision (Unanimous) PFP: Ring Of Fire 12/9/2007 3 5:00 Manila, Philippines
Win 20-6 United States flag Colin Murphy Submission (Rear Naked Choke) IFL: Washington D.C 7/11/2007 3 1:00
Win 19-6 United States flag Vernon White TKO (Punches) IFL: Las Vegas 6/16/2007 2 0:54 Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Win 18-6 Canada flag Wojtek Kaszowski TKO (Strikes) IFL: Connecticut 4/13/2007 1 2:43 Uncasville, Connecticut, USA
Win 17-6 Canada flag Krzysztof Soszynski Decision (Unanimous) IFL: World Championship Final 12/29/2006 3 4:00 Uncasville, Connecticut, USA
Win 16-6 United States flag Mark Kerr TKO (Strikes) IFL: World Championship Semifinals 11/2/2006 1 2:40 Portland, Oregon, USA
Win 15-6 United States flag Michael Buchkovich Submission (Strikes) CFC2: Combat Fighting Championship 9/23/2006 1 4:04 Orlando, Florida, USA
Win 14-6 United States flag Ruben Villareal Submission (Keylock) Valor Fighting: Showdown At Cache Creek II 9/15/2006 1 1:02 Brooks, California, USA
Win 13-6 United States flag Rich Beecroft Submission (Keylock) RITC 85 - Xtreme Cage Fighting 8/5/2006 1 1:17 Phoenix, Arizona, USA
Win 12-6 United States flag Rocky Batastini Submission (Kimura) RITC 83 - Rampage 6/10/2006 1 0:14 Arizona, USA
Win 11-6 United States flag Mike Bourke Forfeit UAGF - Kaos on the Kampus 5/20/2006 3 Los Angeles, California, USA
Win 10-6 United States flag Robert Beraun Submission (Kimura) RITC 80 - Fight Night at The Fort 3/18/2006 1 2:57 Fountain Hills, Arizona, USA
Loss 9-6 United States flag Keith Jardine Decision (Unanimous) UFC 57: Liddell vs Couture 3 2/4/2006 3 5:00 Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Win 9-5 United States flag Travis Fulton Submission (Choke) EC 61 - Extreme Challenge 61 4/22/2005 1 1:30 Osceola, Iowa, USA
Win 8-5 United States flag Aaron Brink Decision (Unanimous) UAGF - Clover Combat 3/25/2005 3 5:00 California, USA
Win 7-5 United States flag Matt Bear Submission (Strikes) VFC 9 - Madness 3/5/2005 2 0:54 Council Bluffs, Iowa, USA
Loss 6-5 United States flag Brandon Vera TKO (Injury) WEC 13 - Heavyweight Explosion 1/22/2005 2 1:12 Lemoore, California, USA
Win 6-4 United States flag Terrell Dees Submission (Neck Crank) WEC 13 - Heavyweight Explosion 1/22/2005 1 3:43 Lemoore, California, USA
Win 5-4 United States flag Demian Decorah TKO (Punches) EC 59 - Extreme Challenge 59 9/24/2004 1 3:25 Medina, Minnesota, USA
Win 4-4 United States flag Brian Stromberg Submission SF 5 - Stadium 8/28/2004 2 Gresham, Oregon, USA
Win 3-4 United States flag Karl Knothe Submission (Neck Crank) EC 58 - Extreme Challenge 58 6/11/2004 1 1:17 Medina, Minnesota, USA
Loss 2-4 United States flag Alex Paz Decision (Split) HOOKnSHOOT - Absolute Fighting Championships 2 3/28/2003 2 5:00 Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA
Loss 2-3 United States flag Tim Sylvia TKO (Punches) SB 24 - Return of the Heavyweights 2 4/27/2002 1 2:38 Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
Win 2-2 United States flag Ben Rothwell Decision (Unanimous) SB 24 - Return of the Heavyweights 2 4/27/2002 2 5:00 Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
Loss 1-2 United States flag Tim Sylvia TKO SB 24 - Return of the Heavyweights 1 4/26/2002 1 3:46 Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
Win 1-1 United States flag Kim Bower TKO GVT - Gladiators Vale Tudo 3/10/2001 N/A Worley, Idaho, USA
Loss 0-1 United States flag Dax McMillan TKO K - Kumite 5 5/5/2000 N/A


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