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Nicholas Evangelous was born in Nashua NH, on October 31, 1985. He began his mixed martial arts career shortly after high school in 2004. He now trains at the Fenix Fight Club in Marlborough and Woburn, Massachusetts. He is currently undefeated.

Fights As RecordedEdit

Win:    6/27/2009            "TKO"         ~2:00       WCF - World Championship Fighting 7
Win:    4/10/2009            "Submission (Triangle Choke)"       2:59	 ICE - Hostile Takeover	
Win:    3/14/2009	     "Submission (Heel Hook)"      2:30	             WCF - World Championship Fighting 6
Win:    11/29/2008          "TKO"      0:32                 Ice Fighter - Super Brawl	
Win:    3/29/2008            "Decision"        Full                  WFL- World Fighting League


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