Pride 4 was a mixed martial arts event held by KRS-Pride (later renamed Pride Fighting Championships). It took place at the Tokyo Dome in Tokyo, Japan, on October 11, 1998. The english language commentary for this event was provided by Stephen Quadros and Bas Rutten.

Results Edit

Trinidad and Tobago flag Gary Goodridge vs Ukraine flag Igor Vovchanchyn

Vovchanchyn defeats Goodridge by technical knockout at 5:58 of round 1.

Brazil flag Wallid Ismail vs Japan flag Akira Shoji

Shoji defeats Ismail by technical knockout at 1:26 of round 2.

Japan flag Daijiro Matsui vs Japan flag Sanae Kikuta

Kikuta and Matsui fought to a draw after three rounds.

Brazil flag Allan Goes vs Japan flag Kazushi Sakuraba

Goes and Sakuraba fought to a draw after three rounds.

Japan flag Satoshi Honma vs Japan flag Yuhi Sano

Honma defeats Sano by technical knockout at 9:25 of round 1.

Japan flag Alexander Otsuka vs Brazil flag Marco Ruas

Otsuka defeats Ruas by technical knockout at 10:00 of round 2 when Ruas' corner throws in the towel.

Brazil flag Hugo Duarte vs United States flag Mark Kerr

Kerr defeats Duarte by technical knockout at 2:32 of round 3 when the referee stopped the fight due to Duarte not engaging.

Brazil flag Rickson Gracie vs Japan flag Nobuhiko Takada

Gracie defeats Takada by armbar submission at 9:30 of round 1.

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