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Rory Markham (born March 25, 1982) is an American professional mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter. He previously fought for the Quad City Silverbacks of the International Fight League. He is currently contracted with the Ultimate Fighting Championship for a three fight deal.


Markham began his professional MMA career in June 2004 with a second round armbar submission over expert journeyman Jason Guida. Following the victory Markham won his next five fights before falling to Trevor Garrett in a first round TKO. One of Markham's most notable victories to date is a highlight reel head kick knockout of Brodie Farber at Ultimate Fight Night 14: Silva Vs. Irvin. This KO earned him a Knockout of the Night award at his UFC debut.

Dan Hardy beat Markham at UFC 95 in the first round (1:09) by KO with a clean counter left hook.[1] A follow-up shot on the mat brought in Kevin Mulhall to stop the fight.[2] In his post-fight interview, Hardy retorted to Markham's pre-fight accusation that he had weak hands by exclaiming to the ecstatic crowd, "No punching power? What do you have to say about that?”[3]

Markham was expected to face Martin Kampmann on January 2, 2010 at UFC 108; however, he received a knee injury during training and had to pull out.[4]

Markham's next bout will be at UFC 111 fighting Nate Diaz for Diaz's first fight in the welterweight division.[5]

Outside MMAEdit

Rory stated in interviews that he has always loved fighting and martial arts movies. He first got involved in traditional Karate when he was young, then moved on to Shidokan, Kenpo and entered his first full-contact competition in Kyokushin Karate. When he was 13 he was already fighting in bare-knuckle tournaments and paired against opponents in their 20's, knocking some of them out with head kicks. When Rory was 20 years old he started boxing and became affiliated with Pat Miletich. .[6] While many of his most admired people are boxers (Sugar Ray Robinson, Gene Tunney, Rocky Marciano), Markham is an avid reader of many different biographies, which he analyzes and applies their perspectives to his own life.
In addition to his prowess in the ring, Markham will be applying some of those experiences into a new venture, as he has taken acting classes and has a role in the movie The Death and Life of Bobby Z with Paul Walker and Laurence Fishburne.[7]

Personal lifeEdit

Rory has a girlfriend named Nicolette, who is a hair stylist in Illinois and owns her own beauty salon.[8]

MMA recordEdit

Record Result Opponent Method Event Title Date Round Time Location Notes
16-6 Loss United States flag Nate Diaz TKO (punches) UFC 111: St-Pierre vs Hardy 3/27/2010 1 2:47 United States flag Newark, New Jersey, USA
16-5 Loss England flag Dan Hardy KO (Punch) UFC 95: Sanchez vs. Stevenson 2/20/2009 1 1:09 England flag London, England
16-4 Win United States flag Brodie Farber KO (Head Kick) UFC Fight Night: Silva vs. Irvin 7/19/2008 1 1:37 United States flag Las Vegas, Nevada, United States Won Knockout of the Night award
15-4 Win United States flag Jay Ellis Submission (Triangle Choke) AMMA 1 - Adrenaline MMA 1 6/14/2008 1 1:57 United States flag Chicago, Illinois, United States
14-4 Loss United States flag Brett Cooper TKO (Punches) IFL - World Grand Prix Finals 12/29/2007 2 1:15 United States flag Uncasville, Connecticut, United States
14-3 Win Canada flag Chris Clements TKO (Strikes) IFL - 2007 Semifinals 8/2/2007 1 1:17 United States flag East Rutherford, New Jersey, United States
13-3 Win United States flag Pat Healy KO (Punches) IFL - Moline 4/7/2007 3 1:47 United States flag Moline, Illinois, United States
12-3 Loss United States flag Chris Wilson TKO (Punches) IFL-Championship Final 12/29/2006 1 2:14 United States flag Uncasville, Connecticut, United States
12-2 Win United States flag Keith Wisniewski TKO (Corner Stoppage) IFL-World Championship Semifinals 11/2/2006 3 4:00 United States flag Portland, Oregon, United States
11-2 Win Brazil flag Marcelo Azevedo TKO (Punches) IFL-Gracie vs. Miletich 9/23/2006 1 3:58 United States flag Moline, Illinois, United States
10-2 Win United States flag Brad Blackburn KO (Punch) IFL-Championship 2006 6/3/2006 2 0:23 United States flag Atlantic City, New Jersey, United States
9-2 Win United States flag Mike Pyle KO (Punch) IFL-Legends Championship 2006 4/29/2006 1 0:44 United States flag Atlantic City, New Jersey, United States
8-2 Loss United States flag Trevor Garrett TKO XFO 10-Explosion 3/18/2006 1 0:47 United States flag Lakemoor, Illinois, United States
8-1 Win United States flag Brian Green KO XFO 9-Xtreme Fighting Organization 9 1/28/2006 1 0:26 United States flag Lakemoor, Illinois, United States
7-1 Win United States flag Mike Van Meer KO EC 64-Extreme Challenge 64 10/15/2005 1 1:48 United States flag Osceola, Iowa, United States
6-1 Win United States flag Victor Moreno Submission (Rear Naked Choke) EC 61-Extreme Challenge 61 4/22/2005 1 4:16 United States flag Osceola, Iowa, United States
5-1 Win United States flag Jimmy Boyd Submission (Triangle Choke) XFO 5-Xtreme Fighting Organization 5 3/19/2005 1 2:13 United States flag Lakemoor, Illinois, United States
4-1 Win United States flag James Warfield TKO XFO 3 - Xtreme Fighting Organization 3 10/2/2004 2 1:12 United States flag McHenry, Illinois, United States
3-1 Win United States flag Ryan Williams Submission (Triangle Choke) CFC 1-Courage Fighting Championships 1 7/24/2004 2 2:53 United States flag Decatur, Illinois, United States
2-1 Win United States flag Jason Guida Submission (Armbar) XFO 2-New Blood 6/26/2004 2 0:58 United States flag Fontana, Wisconsin, United States
1-1 Loss United States flag Kurt Illeman TKO (Cut) EC 55-Extreme Challenge 55 12/5/2003 1 1:26 United States flag Lakemoor, Illinois, United States
1-0 Win United States flag John Bulger KO (Strikes) EC 54-Extreme Challenge 54 10/12/2003 1 0:59 United States flag Lakemoor, Illinois, United States


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