Template:Article issues Ryūshi Yanagisawa (柳澤 龍志, Male, June 22, 1972 - ) is a Japanese wrestler and mixed martial artist. His real name is Atsushi Yanagisawa (柳澤 敦史). He is from Aomori Prefecture born. Sakaguchi Dojo belongs.

Career Edit

Junior high school Mutsu spend. Aomori Prefectural School Tanabe belongs to the era of the boat, interscholastic athletic meet. Who has played well.

1991, Fujiwara Gumi joined. 1992 April 19th, at Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium Yusuke Fuke debut in the season.

1993 January, Masakatsu Funaki, Minoru Suzuki with them, leaving the pair Fujiwara.

1993 in May Pancrase was a founding member, 2000 Bread six month leave the class. Kensaku Maeda the presiding Dragon Team to move to mixed martial arts in Rings, the martial arts hit the K-1 moved to the battlefield. Pan class Semmy Schilt, in the Rings Fedor Emelianenko, K-1 in the Mirko, in the kickboxing Vitali Klitschko (boxing after WBC world heavyweight champion) as a player with game experience.

However, failing to live up martial arts to outstanding results, eventually Club Makai as a member of the New Japan Pro Wrestling appeared. Kenzo Suzuki, Yutaka Yoshie Young Lions Cup victory and defeat. And Yoshihiro Takayama held by the NWF was also a challenge to the throne, defeat. Since then, the extinction of the Makai Club, the comrade Kazunari Murakami, Katsuyori Shibata isolated by the New Japan has renounced. Masahiro Chono of BNJ (BLACK NEW JAPAN) were also entering his no. He resigned in mid-ring in the New Japan Pro Wrestling.

2004 November 7, the eight year war Pancras former club the first time in four months. Ryuta Noji is faced with losing an unanimous decision.

2005, Seiji Sakaguchi Sakaguchi Dojo became the coach in charge of the establishment in general.

2006, out of his contract with the New Japan continued until it became fully freelance (New Japan and it was even signed one-match basis, exclusive of Japan Joshin facts was the state contract.).

2007 September 26, K-1 WORLD GP 2007 IN SEOUL FINAL16 in Super Fight of the Yong Kim to face losing an unanimous decision.

2009 August 23, about eight years and four games in mixed martial arts rules the first time in months DEEP 43 IMPACT Bernard Ackah to beat, right kick start 7 seconds KO lost.

MMA RecordEdit

Result Opponent Method Event Title Date Round Time
Loss Russia flag Fedor Emelianenko Decision (Unanimous) Rings - World Title Series 4 10/20/2001 3 5:00

External LinksEdit

  • Yanagisawa mma record [1]

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