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Ryan Schultz

A photo of Ryan Schultz.

Ryan James Schultz (born July 4, 1977) is an American professional mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter. Before the closing of the International Fight League, he was the promotion's Lightweight Champion.


Ryan Schultz grew up in North Platte, Nebraska. He was a member of his high school wrestling team, graduating in 1996.[1] Schultz has a degree in criminal justice from the University of Nebraska, where he continued to compete in wrestling, coached by Matt Lindland. After graduation, Ryan worked as an apprentice plumber in Colorado, before embarking on his MMA career.

Ryan Schultz is a member of Team Quest, training with his former wrestling coach, Matt Lindland.

Mixed martial arts careerEdit

Early careerEdit

Schultz was entered into his first MMA fight by friend. The fight took place at Dan Severn's promotion Dangerzone, in April 2004, in North Dakota.[1] Schultz hadn't trained at all for the fight, but won by KO, after just 45 seconds.[2] A few days after the fight, Lindland asked Schultz to join Team Quest, an offer which Schultz accepted. Over the next three years, Schultz competed in 20 fights in various promotions, including the WEC, Hawaiian promotion SuperBrawl, Absolute Fighting Championship, and SportFight - a promotion founded by Matt Lindland and Randy Couture.

In June 18, 2004, Schultz won an eight man lightweight tournament, at SuperBrawl 36 in Hawaii. Schultz won his first fight that night, against Mike Aina, by a split decision. In the semi-final fight, Schultz submitted Deshaun Johnson by a rear naked choke in the first round. In the finals, Schultz defeated Roger Huerta, who verbally submitted due to a dislocated jaw.[3]

International Fight LeagueEdit

Ryan Schultz entered the IFL promotion as a member of the Portland Wolfpack team, with a record of 13-7-1. He defeated Cam Ward by TKO in his first fight in the promotion, but lost to Los Angeles Anacondas' Chris Horodecki in his second fight, two months later. In his third fight, in December 29, 2006, he faced Quad Cities Silverbacks' Bart Palaszewski. Schultz dominated the first and second round of the fight, but got caught by Palaszewski's right hand in the third round, and lost by KO. The match was awarded "Fight of the Night" honors.[4]

After winning his next three bouts in the IFL, Schultz was selected to replace John Gunderson (himself a replacement for Shad Lierley) in a fight against Chris Horodecki for the IFL lightweight championship. In the bout, which took place at the IFL - World Grand Prix Finals, Schultz was able to avenged his first loss to Horodecki in the IFL. Schultz pinned Horodecki's right hand early in the first round, continued to pound him until the referee stepped in at 2:51 of the first round, and was crowned the first IFL Lightweight Champion.[5][6]

Before the IFL promotion folded, Schultz successfully defended his title twice, defeating John Gunderson and Deividas Taurosevicius, both by unanimous decision.

World Victory Road - SengokuEdit

In July 2008, Schultz has agreed to a five event deal with the Japanese promotion Sengoku.[7] In his first fight for the promotion, at Sengoku IV, Schultz lost to Mizuto Hirota, by KO in the second round. Schultz faced Jorge Masvidal in his next fight, which took place less than a month after Sengoku IV. Masvidal was able to knockdown Schultz in the first round, and finished him by TKO using strikes on his grounded opponent.[8]

Personal lifeEdit

Ryan married his high school sweetheart Jennifer, and they have a son named Kilian. Ryan and his family live in Estacada, Oregon.[1]

MMA recordEdit

Result Record Opponent Method Event Title Date Round Time Location Notes
Loss 20-12-1 Japan flag Kazunori Yokota KO (Punches) Sengoku 10 9/23/09 1 2:37 Japan flag Saitama, Japan
Loss 20-11-1 United States flag Jorge Masvidal TKO (Punches) Sengoku 5 9/28/08 1 1:57 Japan flag Tokyo, Japan
Loss 20-10-1 Japan flag Mizuto Hirota KO (Superman Punch) Sengoku 4 8/24/08 2 4:25 Japan flag Saitama, Japan
Win 20-9-1 Lithuania flag Deividas Taurosevicius Decision (Unanimous) IFL - Connecticut 5/16/2008 5 5:00 United States flag Uncasville, Connecticut, USA Defended IFL Lightweight Championship
Win 19-9-1 United States flag John Gunderson Decision (Unanimous) IFL - Las Vegas 2/29/2008 3 5:00 United States flag Las Vegas, Nevada, USA Defended IFL Lightweight Championship
Win 18-9-1 Canada flag Chris Horodecki TKO (Strikes) IFL - World Grand Prix Finals 12/29/2007 1 2:51 United States flag East Rutherford, New Jersey, USA Became First IFL Lightweight Champion
Win 17-9-1 United States flag Aaron Riley Decision (Unanimous) IFL - 2007 Team Championship Final 9/20/2007 3 4:00 United States flag Hollywood, Florida, USA
Win 16-9-1 United States flag Savant Young Decision (Unanimous) IFL - Everett 6/1/2007 3 4:00 United States flag Everett, Washington, USA
Win 15-9-1 United States flag Joe Sampieri Decision (Unanimous) IFL - Connecticut 4/13/2007 3 4:00 United States flag Uncasville, Connecticut, USA
Loss 14-9-1 United States flag Bart Palaszewski KO IFL - Championship Final 12/29/2006 3 2:16 United States flag Uncasville, Connecticut, USA
Loss 14-8-1 Canada flag Chris Horodecki TKO (Strikes) IFL-World Championship Semifinals 11/2/2006 2 0:24 United States flag Portland, Oregon, USA
Win 14-7-1 United States flag Cam Ward TKO (Strikes) IFL - Portland 9/9/2006 2 2:38 United States flag Portland, Oregon, USA
Loss 13-7-1 Brazil flag Hermes Franca KO AFC 16-Absolute Fighting Championships 16 4/22/2006 1 3:30 United States flag Boca Raton, Florida, USA
Win 13-6-1 United States flag Dave Cochran Submission (Rear Naked Choke) SF 15-Tribute 4/8/2006 1 3:42 United States flag Portland, Oregon, USA
Loss 12-6-1 Japan flag Kuniyoshi Hironaka Submission (Armbar) MARS-MARS 2/4/2006 2 1:40 Japan flag Tokyo, Japan
Loss 12-5-1 United States flag Rich Clementi Submission (Armbar) AFC 14-Absolute Fighting Championships 14 12/10/2005 1 3:39 United States flag Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA
Loss 12-4-1 United States flag David Gardner Submission (Broken Rib) FFC 15-Fiesta Las Vegas 9/14/2005 1 1:00 United States flag Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Draw 12-3-1 Brazil flag Gesias Calvancanti Draw SF 11-Rumble at the Rose Garden 7/9/2005 3 5:00 United States flag Portland, Oregon, USA
Win 12-3 Japan flag Hiroyuki Abe TKO Euphoria-USA vs World 2/26/2005 2 0:42 United States flag Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA
Loss 11-3 United States flag Keith Wilson Decision (Unanimous) SF 8-Justice 1/8/2005 3 5:00 United States flag Gresham, Oregon, USA
Win 11-2 Spain flag David Gaona KO Euphoria-Road to the Titles 10/15/2004 1 2:17 United States flag Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA
Win 10-2 United States flag Jason Dent TKO APEX-Genesis 9/5/2004 1 2:00 Canada flag Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Win 9-2 United States flag Roger Huerta Submission (Verbal) SB 36-SuperBrawl 36 6/18/2004 1 1:47 United States flag Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
Win 8-2 United States flag Deshaun Johnson Submission (Rear Naked Choke) SB 36-SuperBrawl 36 6/18/2004 1 2:55 United States flag Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
Win 7-2 United States flag Mike Aina Decision (Split) SB 36-SuperBrawl 36 6/18/2004 3 3:00 United States flag Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
Win 6-2 United States flag Gil Castillo Decision (Majority) WEC 10-Bragging Rights 5/21/2004 3 5:00 United States flag Lemoore, California, USA
Loss 5-2 United States flag Ronald Jhun TKO (Corner Stoppage) ROTR 5-Rumble on the Rock 5 5/7/2004 2 5:00 United States flag Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
Win 5-1 United States flag Eddy Ellis KO SF 1-Revolution 2/21/2004 1 1:53 United States flag Portland, Oregon, USA
Win 4-1 United States flag Hank Weis N/A KC 8-Kickdown Classic 8 1/17/2004 1 United States flag Denver, Colorado, USA
Win 3-1 United States flag Jeremy Saunders TKO URC 6-Ultimate Ring Challenge 6 10/25/2003 1 United States flag Longview, Washington, USA
Win 2-1 United States flag Hannibal Adofo KO WEC 8-Halloween Fury 2 10/17/2003 1 0:25 United States flag Lemoore, California, USA
Loss 1-1 United States flag JT Taylor KO (Punches) WEC 7-This Time It's Personal 8/9/2003 2 1:56 United States flag Lemoore, California, USA
Win 1-0 United States flag Jon Henderson TKO Dangerzone-Dakota Destruction 4/12/2003 1 0:45 United States flag New Town, North Dakota, USA

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