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Scott Sonnon is a tactical fitness coach, counter-terrorism and USA national martial art team coach[1], yoga guru[2], and wellness speaker[3] known for training the Israeli counter-terrorism school LOTAR [4], movie stars such as Peta Wilson[5] and Donna Karan[6] as well as Ultimate Fighting Championship mixed martial arts fighters such as Alberto Crane, Jorge Rivera, Andrei Arlovski, and Elvis Sinosic. His fitness system, Circular Strength Training, has been adopted as the official exercise approach for the U.S. Army.[7] He is also a published author, a public speaker, a member and keynote speaker for Mensa - The High IQ Society[8][9], a Graduate Faculty Professor at Virginia Commonwealth University[10], and is an advocate in the fight against childhood obesity.[11]

Early lifeEdit

Sonnon was born in 1969, in Pennsylvania, USA. His family emigrated to the United States two generations before him from the town of Sonnon, district of Passau, Bavaria, Germany. He overcame being legally blind due to myopia and Thygeson's disease, spending his youth in pain with Osteochondrosis and obesity, and suffering learning disabilities such as dyslexia. Scott views his defects as a blessing that allowed him to "see, feel and think about the world in a wonderfully unique way." [8]


Sonnon is credited as having reintroduced Indian clubs in the form of clubbells to strength training.[12] By 2007 he had been inducted into three halls of fame: the National Fitness Hall of Fame[13], the International Martial Arts Hall of Fame[14] and the Personal Trainer Hall of Fame[15], and is known to the Sambo and Russian martial arts communities.[16]

He is known in the Sambo and MMA community for innovating a "lower-half positional fighting approach"[17] derived from Sambo and applied to mixed martial arts and submission fighting competitions which he calls the "saddle" positions.[18]

Career highlightsEdit

Personal lifeEdit

Sonnon lives with his wife and two children in Bellingham, Washington.


Pop cultureEdit

Star Wars: The Cestus Deception was dedicated to Scott Sonnon by its author Steven Barnes, who lists Sonnon's teachings as the inspiration for the creation of the "Jedi Martial Art" training. Sonnon is also given a character honorarium in the story: "Scott OnSon."


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