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Shane Somers, also known by bis ring name "ShowTime" Shane Somers is an American professional wrestler. Somers held the National Wrestling Alliance's NWA Missouri Heavyweight Championship three times and has also held the NWA Central States Heavyweight Championship. In addition to wrestling professionally, he has a mixed martial arts record of 4 wins 1 loss.

Professional wrestling careerEdit

Somers began his professional wrestling career in the state of Arkansas wrestling for the Gibson Wrestling Federation (GWF) under the name "Primetime" Shawn Winters. He won the GWF's version of the world title three times and their tag titles twice. Somers had a falling out with the company and left the promotion due to a backstage brawl between him and one the of the company's top stars. A brawl in which it is reported saw Shane head butt a much larger man knocking him out cold. When I asked Shane about this, he kinda shrugged it off, neither denying or confirming the incident.

Somers moved to the National Wrestling Federation (NWF) and defeated the Cowboy Kid for the NWF Heavyweight Championship. He held the title for six months before dropping it back to the Cowboy Kid.

After appearing in several promotions Somers moved to Missouri to Mid Ozark Championship Wrestling (MOCW) and formed a heel (villainous) tag team with Gunny Marvelous known as the L.A. Connection. They began a feud over the MOCW Tag Team Championship with the McCoy Clan and Eric Sparks and Mongoose. The team held the title at least five times. Their final reign came to an end in 2001 at the hands of the Searcher and Geno "The Exterminator". The L.A. Connection went on to become the NWA Missouri State Tag Team champions, holding the belts for several months until Marvelous left the company.

On March 30, 2002 Somers defeated the 7'2" Butch McClain to become the undisputed NWA Central States Heavyweight Champion.

He then went on to win the Missouri State title on three different occasions.

In my few one on one meetings with Somers (2004) he has been very kind and time allowing. He laughed a lot, and seemed to enjoy meeting the fans.

Somers was inducted into the Professional Wrestling Independent Missouri Hall of Fame in 2005.

Championships and accomplishmentsEdit

  • Other titles
    • Professional Wrestling Independent Missouri Hall of Fame (Class of 2005)

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