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USA-MMA is a mixed martial arts (MMA) organization based in the United States that was created in 2007 by Gil Guillory, a twenty year veteran of Mixed Martial Arts.[1] USA-MMA features up and coming MMA stars and veterans based in and around Louisiana. All 9 (6 previous and 3 planned) of their first shows are in Louisiana. They adhere to the North American Unified Rules of MMA. USA-MMA also has both amatur and professional rankings and titles, but there are no formal declaration of what qualifications a fighter must have to turn pro by the organiziation.

On June 6 2009 USA-MMA announced that Michael Tucker would be shooting a documentary for HBO on independent MMA promotions and fighters. Scheduled to appear on the program are promoter Gil Guillory and fighters Dustin Porier, Christian Fulgium and Tim Credeur. HBO will return to film part of Natural Disaster 3 on their upcoming show.[2]

Current championsEdit

Martin Stoilkov, American Top Team, FL

Paul Hebbler, Gladiator, Baton Rouge, LA

Kurt Holobaugh, Gracie Barra, Northshore

Charlie Rader, Gracie Barra, Southshore

Title vacant after Eric Scallan turns pro.

Andrew Staples, Gladiator, Baton Rouge, LA

Strike Edit

Starting with USA-MMA 6: Night of Champions , USA-MMA has started a new strain of Mixed Martial Arts called STRIKE. Fought in a normal sized cage, STRIKE competitors are allowed to use punches, kicks, elbows, and knees, but are not allowed to clinch, go for a takedown, or use any wrestling skills. This new division is patterned after the world famous K-1 organization, with a few subtle changes. STRIKE is developed to give boxers, kickboxers and other striking sports an opportunity to participate in more events. STRIKE also allows these participants, of striking sports, to transition into MMA. USA-MMA could possibly make this another division but currently fighters are allowed to move back and forth between STRIKE and normal MMA.

List of showsEdit

No. Event Date Venue Location
1 Natural Disaster April 12, 2008 SugArena New Iberia, LA
2 Lafayette v. The World June 10, 2008 Blackham Coliseum Lafayette, LA
3 Natural Disaster 2 August, 2008 SugArena New Iberia, LA
4 Border War October, 2008 West Cal Arena Sulphur, LA
5 Salute to US Military November 2008 Beauregard Parish Covered Arena De Ridder, LA
6 Night of Champions February 28, 2009 Blackham Coliseum Lafayette, LA
7 River City Rampage May 16, 2009 Shreveport Convention Center Shreveport, LA
8 Natural Disaster 3 August 1, 2009 SugArena New Iberia, LA
9 Team Louisiana versus Team Florida October 9, 2009 Baton Rouge River Center Baton Rouge, LA
9 Border War 2 November 13, 2009 Lake Charles Civic Center Lake Charles, LA
10 Night of Champions 2 March 6, 2010 Cajundome Lafayette, LA


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