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Magomedhan Amanulajevich Gamzathanov (Template:Lang-ru; born April 15, 1961 in Anchih, Dagestan) is a shoot wrestler and later a mixed martial artist known for his technical mastery of Sambo and submission victories in shoot wrestling and MMA. He was representing Russia in the Russian RINGS team with Fedor Emelianenko, Andrei Kopylov, Nikolai Zuyev and Mikhail Illoukhine.

Biography Edit

In 1979, Volk began training with five-time world champion in freestyle wrestling Ali Alijev in the city of Tula. In 1981, he began his two-year service in USSR military, after which he began training Sambo with Victor Lysenko. In 1984, Volk attended the Police Academy in Moscow. Volk Han signed the contract with RINGS Fighting Network in 1991.

Professional Mixed martial arts recordEdit

His hybrid wrestling record is 97-13

Template:Rh colspan=2 | Total Template:Rh colspan=1 | 20 Wins Template:Rh colspan=1 | 8 Losses
28 matches Template:Rh | (T)Knockout 1 2
Template:Rh | Submission 9 3
Template:Rh | Decision 3 2
Template:Rh | Other 7 1
Template:Rh | Draw 0
Template:Rh | No Contest 0

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