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Wesley Correira

A photo of Wesley Correira.

Wesley "Cabbage" Correira (born November 11, 1978) is an American mixed martial arts fighter. He trains with BJ Penn in Hilo, Hawaii.


He is well known for his strong "chin" (ability to sustain blows to the head without being knocked out), which was displayed in his fight with Tim Sylvia at UFC 39 and again with Andrei Arlovski at UFC 47. Correira lost the former fight by towel throw at 3:17 left of round 2 and the latter fight by TKO at 1:12 left of round 2.

Despite the losses, Correira was not knocked down at all in the first fight and was knocked down only at the end of the second fight, after sustaining constant punishment for almost two entire rounds. This fight led UFC play by play announcer Mike Goldberg to say "This man is not human." In fact, during 7 minutes the Sylvia fight lasted, Correira absorbed the highest number of power strikes ever recorded in one fight in UFC history. Correira has been quoted as saying his head is full of "concrete and stuff".

Correira holds notable wins over Jason Lambert, Eric "Butterbean" Esch, Joe Riggs, Tank Abbott, Justin Eilers, and Travis Wiuff.

In his last fight, on 26th of January, 2008, Correira TKO'd Jacob Faagai at 2:17 of the first round. As of March, 2007 Correira is 2-5 in his last seven fights. His next fight was set to be against Lion's Den fighter Buddy Roberts (6-1) on February 13, for a WarGods/Ken Shamrock Productions co-promoted event, Valentine's Day Massacre. Correira backed out of the fight at the last minute due to payment and management disputes. As a result the CSAC has suspended his fighting license.

Recently, Correira defeated Eric Esch by knockout due to a head kick in the second round of the K-1 full contact kickboxing heavyweight grand prix.

MMA recordEdit

Date Result Record Opponent Event Method Round, Time Notes
2008-04-12 Loss 19–14 United States flagJeff Ford WFC-Armageddon TKO (Punches) Round 1, 4:59
2008-01-26 Win 19–13 United States flagJacob Faagai X-1 Events-Champions TKO(Injury) Round 1, 2:17
2007-03-17 Loss 18–13 United States flagChris Marez X-1-Extreme Fighting 2 Decision (Unanimous) Round 3, 5:00
2007-02-10 Loss 18–12 Brazil flagAntonio Silva EliteXC: Destiny TKO(Punches) Round 1, 3:49
2006-07-28 Win 18–11 Japan flagJi Hoon Kim PXC 8-Terror Dome TKO (Punches) Round 1, 2:07
2006-06-17 Loss 17–11 United States flag Mike Plotcheck ROTR-Beatdown 1 TKO(Cut) Round 1, 1:46
2006-04-21 Loss 17–10 Japan flagKazuhiro Hamanaka ROTR 9 – Rumble on the Rock 9 Submission(Kimura) Round 2, 1:53
2006-01-20 Loss 17–9 United States flagEric Esch ROTR 8-Rumble on the Rock 8 TKO(Doctor Stoppage) Round 2, 5:00
2005-12-10 Win 17–8 Guam flagManny Chong FFCF 4-Collision TKO Round 1, 1:50
2005-11-05 Win 16–8 Junior Sua ROTR-Just Scrap Submission Round 1, 1:21
2005-10-07 Win 15–8 United States flagLloyd Marshbanks ROTR-Showdown in Maui TKO Round 1, 3:16
2005-05-07 Loss 14–8 United States flagTank Abbott ROTR 7-Rumble On The Rock 7 KO (Punch) Round 1, 1:23
2005-03-17 Win 14–7 United States flagWalt Pels WEC 14 Vengeance KO (Punches) Round 1, 0:23
2004-11-20 Loss 13–7 Japan flagYoshihiro Nakao ROTR 6-Rumble on the Rock 6 Decision(Split) Round 3, 5:00
2004-05-07 Loss 13–6 United States flagJohn Marsh ROTR 5-Rumble on the Rock 5 Decision(Unanimous) Round 3, 5:00
2004-04-02 Loss 13–5 Belarus flagAndrei Arlovski UFC 47: It's On TKO (Punches) Round 2, 1:15
2003-11-21 Win 13–4 United States flagTank Abbott UFC 45: Revolution TKO (Cut) Round 1, 2:14
2003-08-09 Win 12–4 United States flagSteve Sayegh ROTR 3-Rumble on the Rock 3 TKO (Punches) Round 1, 2:19
2003-06-13 Win 11–4 United States flagJustin Eilers SB 30-Collision Course Decision(Split) Round 3, 5:00
2004-12-25 Win 10–4 United States flagSean Alvarez UFC 42: Sudden Impact TKO (Knees and Punches) Round 2, 1:46
2002-12-28 Win 9–4 United States flagJoe Riggs ROTR 1-Rumble on the Rock 1 KO (Punch) Round 2, 2:07
2002-11-09 Win 8–4 United States flagJason Lambert SB 27-Superbrawl 27 KO (Punch) Round 2, 1:48
2002-09-27 Loss 7–4 United States flagTim Sylvia UFC 39: The Warriors Return TKO (Corner Stoppage) Round 2, 1:43
2002-05-18 Win 7–3 United States flagKauai Kupihea FFC 1-Force Fighting Championships 1 TKO (Punches) Round 2, 2:53
2002-04-27 Win 6–3 United States flagTravis Wiuff SB 24-Return of the Heavyweights 2 Submission(Knees) Round 3, 1:40
2002-04-26 Win 5–3 United States flagKevin Jordan SB 24-Return of the Heavyweights 1 TKO (Punches) Round 1, 4:28
2002-03-09 Win 4–3 United States flagRenato Bruzzi SB 23-SuperBrawl 23 KO (Punches) Round 2, 4:55
2001-12-15 Win 3–3 United States flagAaron Brink Shogun 1-Shogun 1 TKO (Punches) Round 1, 1:08
2001-11-02 Win 2–3 United States flagMike Tynanes SB 22-SuperBrawl 22 TKO (Retirement) Round 2, 3:22
2001-05-24 Win 1–3 Brazil flagMarcelo Tigre SB 21 – SuperBrawl 21 DQ (Headbutt) Round 2, 0:46
2000-11-14 Loss 0–3 United States flagPreston Hartzog Superbrawl – Futurebrawl 2000 Decision(Split) Round 3, 5:00
2000-10-26 Loss 0–2 United States flagTravis Fulton SB 19-SuperBrawl 19 Submission(Armbar) Round 1, 4:49
2000-07-22 Loss 0–1 United States flag Eric Pele Rings USA-Rising Stars Block B Submission(Armbar) Round 2, 2:30

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