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Template:Nihongo is a retired Japanese Shooto practitioner and mixed martial artist, who currently practices and teaches Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. He competed in the Vale Tudo Japan 1995, where he was greatly outweighed by every opponent in the tournament. Despite the weight differences and despite the suffering a severe eye injury in the first bout, Nakai managed to make it to the finals where he lost to Rickson Gracie. Nakai is considered to be a legend of Shooto by many fighters and fans. He is the founder of the Paraestra Shooto gyms and coaches such fighters as PRIDE and DREAM stand out Shinya Aoki, who is also a Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu from Nakai.


He was born August 18 in 1970. After he graduated from Hokkaido Sapporo North high school, he entered Hokkaido University. He belonged to the judo club and won the NANATEI judo championship when he was forth grade. NANATEI judo is very different from ordinary judo. People do Newaza more often than Tachiwaza in this judo.

Vale Tudo Japan 1995Edit

In 1995, as the current Shooto welterweight champion, Nakai was selected by the Shooto Commission to represent Shooto in the Vale Tudo tournament Vale Tudo Japan 1995. His first opponent was Gerard Gordeau, a Dutch Savate fighter. Gordeau illegally eye-gouged Nakai during their fight, causing Nakai to lose vision in his right eye. Despite the eye injury, Nakai proceeded to defeat Gordeau by heel hook in the fourth round. The next fights, on the same night he came out with a bandage on his eye, ready to fight. In his second bout, Nakai defeated the American fighter Craig Pittman by armbar, and in the third and final bout, he lost to the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu master Rickson Gracie by rear naked choke at 6:22 of the first round.

Yuki Nakai became permanently blind in his right eye due to Gerard Gordeau's illegal tactics. For years he kept his blindness a secret to protect the reputation of mixed martial arts. The injury forced Nakai to retire from mixed martial arts competition, but impressed with Rickson Gracie's technique, he took up Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, where he currently holds a black belt and is the president of the Japanese Confederation of Jiu-Jitsu.

Nakai speaks Japanese, and English.

Mixed martial arts recordEdit

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Result Record Opponent Method Event Date Round Time
Loss 5-2 Brazil flag Rickson Gracie Submission (Rear Naked Choke) Vale Tudo Japan 1995 April 20, 1995 1 6:22
Win 5-1 United States flag Craig Pittman Submission (Armbar) Vale Tudo Japan 1995 April 20, 1995 1 15:30
Win 4-1 Netherlands flag Gerard Gordeau Submission (Heel Hook) Vale Tudo Japan 1995 April 20, 1995 1 26:41
Win 3-1 Japan flag Miraoki Matsutani Submission (Heel Hook) Shooto: Vale Tudo Access 3 January 21, 1995 1 0:19
Win 2-1 Japan flagKazuhiro Kusayanagi Decision (Unanimous) Shooto: Vale Tudo Access 2 November 7, 1994 4 4:00
Loss 1-1 Japan flag Noboru Asahi Decision (Unanimous) Shooto 1993 November 25, 1993 5 3:00
Win 1-0 Japan flag Hiroshi Sumi Submission (Heel Hook) Shooto 1993 April 26, 1993 1 0:53

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